This may be a school in Leaf River Twp. in 1899.

My great-aunt had this picture of her school class which was taken on June 23, 1899. I've included a picture of the back with the names in pencil -- the teacher is not identified nor does my great-aunt include her own name (Hannah Lillian Scott, born Jun 1881). She is the one near the back standing against the white wall with her head turned slightly. She was probably staying with relatives for the year.

Contributed by Pat Innes

The 1900 census finds most of these students living in Leaf River Twp. and gives the following birthdates:
Robert Thomson born Dec 1883
George Thomson born Sep1886
Arthur Williams born Aug 1885
Guy Williams born Dec1886
Eva A Jones born Dec 1885
Laura I Jones born March 1887
Helen C Jones born Oct 1888
Gertrude L Kilker born Jul 1889
Clarence H Kilker born Jun 1892
Edna J Grady born Jun 1885
Harry W Jones born Apr 1890
Charles A [Avery] Jones born Jan 1893
Rosa Ryan born Aug 1889
John A Ryan born Sep 1893
Harry Alden born May 1889
Mildred M Wright born Aug 1894
Arthur D Wright born Aug 1892
Howard Williams born Jan 1894
Floyd Williams born Oct 1889
Chester A Koser Oct 1889

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