The Rochelle Herald Jul 1917- Dec 1917


Extracted by Laurel Urlaub Hendrickson [email protected]

(I have done my best in looking through newspapers to extract the births, marriage, deaths that appear. With the older papers some may be missed as they can appear on any page. If I did not see any BMD for a date I did not list that date in this file. These are just extractions, some notices may have much more then what I wrote, and some were very brief. You may request copies for a small fee by emailing me.


Wednesday 25 July 1917


Died�Mrs. John W. TRENHOLM, Monday, July 16th, 67 yrs. 1 mo. 2 ds. Survived by a daughter from previous marriage Mrs. A. L. WATTS of Chicago, Mr. TRENHOLM and his four children, Fred, Bert, Mrs. Daniel TILTON, and Mrs. Maud PATTERSON


Died�Curtis KITTLESON, 5 years old, son of Mr. & Mrs. Chris KITTLESON, died Thursday July 19, born March 23, 1912


Died�Marcus A. NORTON �Mark� died Sunday afternoon, 76 years old, born in Michigan


Died�Lawson E. PHELPS, died Tuesday 4:30 AM, 78ys. Civil War Veteran 1860-1865; remains taken back to Springboro, Crawford Co., PA


Died�George LINDSAY, of Adeline killed Thursday; his car was struck by C. M. & St. Paul Railroad


Anniversary�Mr. & Mrs. R. C. CRAFT celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary Sunday July 8th, they were married in Rochelle, they are now in Oakland [CA]. One daughter Mrs. DEERING wife of Frank P. DEERING attorney in San Francisco. Granddaughter Francesca DEERING.


Died�John GERNOSKE was drowned by overturning of his canoe inRocford.


Died�Father Eusebius WAGNER. O. F. M. Aged 43 yrs, suddenly at Peoria


Died�Allen K. COLE died Tuesday July 17th. Born August 19, 1866 Bradford, Canada. At age 17 he came to DeKalb married Ada GRISWOLD Nov. 16, 1887 of Beloit, Wis., Three Children; Mrs. Herman GABLE (Beloit), Miss Vera and Ralph. One Sister Mrs. FLEEK of Toledo, two brothers Russell of Toledo, William of New York City. Funeral Thursday July 19, from home at 507 fifth ave to Rockford�s west side cemetery (Long obit)


Marriage Licenses�

Charles Oscar LARSON 31�Anna Singe LARSON 21

Ralph LLOYD 21�Catherine Belle LEWIS 18



Guardianship of Eloise Mildred SHELLY and Lester B. SHELLY, report of sale of Real Estate filed and approved

Estate of�Charles F. HAYES, deceased

��� ������������ Albert DAHLMEIER, deceased

��� ������������ Alven COUNTRYMAN, deceased

��� ������������ Catherine McKENZIE, deceased

��� ������������ Andrew E. SCHREIBER, deceased

��� ������������ Herman WINCH, deceased, Petition of Heneritte WINCH for probation of will,

����������������� ~Berus WINCH, Minnie WINCH minors

Estate of�Mary L. LAWYER, deceased


Wednesday 9 Aug 1917


Died�Mrs. Edward GARDNER, Mary HARRINGTON GARDNER died in Los Angeles Thursday July 26, remains brought back to Rochelle, arrived Monday morning, two daughters, Mrs. Rose JACKSON and Miss Alice GARDNER, taken to Lawnridge.

Mary was born 31 Dec 1842 in Franklin Twp., DeKalb. Married Edward GARDNER on Christmas Day 1861. They moved to Rochelle in 1869. Mr. GARDNER died 19 May 1909. Survived by Mrs. Carrie E. STOCKING of Shelby, Miss.; Clarence E., Mrs. Rose E JACKSON of Hollywood, Cal., Alice E. of Los Angeles, Three brothers, Samuel and Whipple of Rockford and Sidney of Harlowton, Mich. Three grandchildren, Fred GARDNER of Rochelle, Edward & Lewis JACKSON of Hollywood.


Died�Lawson Eugene PHELPS, born 30 Jun 1839 Columbus, Warren Co., PA, died, 24 Jul 1917, Rochelle, Married Ellen TERRY 2 Jan 1862, Children, Imogene (E. F.) HORNSTEIN (Chicago), Percival LAWSON, Ottumua, IA.

Deceased children: Willard Terry 6 Nov 1871 age 4, Effie May, 6 Oct 1871 age 3, Edna Adell 30 Jan 1900 age 26, Massena Hayden PHELPS 21 Feb 1901 age 19, his father Peter Lawson PHELPS was a physician.


Died�Benjamin F. PULVER of Flagg Center, died at daughter�s home, Mrs. Charles KLEESPIE, Marshalltown, IA, Monday July 23rd, buried in Marshalltown.


Died�Mrs. Lena H. GATES wife of the late Jacob GATES, died at Holcomb Friday July 27, age 87 yrs., born in Germany came here at about 8 years old, mother of 13, nine still living.


Died�Mrs. L. D. REESE of Creston died Friday last week, funeral was Monday, Broadies Grove. Mr. REESE died last fall.


Died�Mrs. Joel ANDRUS, mother of late Senator Henry and Mrs. John ATWOOD of Stillman Valley died at daughter home Monday, 91 yrs. old born in Canada, came to Winnebago in 1839. Funeral Wednesday, burial in Roscoe, husband Joel died 9 years ago.



Estate of Erastus W. SCHRIVER, deceased

�� ���������� Fletcher SCHRIVER, deceased

�� ���������� Caroline O�MARA, deceased

�� ���������� Mortimer W. BUTTERFIELD, deceased

�� ���������� Adra G. BAILEY, deceased

�� ���������� George B. McCOSH, deceased

�� ���������� Jessie TURNER, deceased

�� ���������� Frederick A. MINSSEN, deceased

�� ���������� John HAMAKER, deceased

�� ���������� James R. ANDRESON, deceased

�� ���������� William H. LYMAN, deceased

�� ���������� Christian LEWIS, deceased

�� ���������� Adam HAMAKER, deceased

�� ���������� David THOMPSON, deceased

Conservator-ship of

�� ����������� Alvin E. BRAYTON declared insane 11 Jan 1916�To Mary������������������

�� ���������� Mary L. BRAYTON

�� ���������� Levi B. SHIRK


Wednesday 8 Aug 1917


Anniversary�Mr. & Mrs. Thomas MARSHALL celebrate 60 years of marriage. Thomas married to Miss Rachel SIGLAW at Sycamore 6 Aug 1855. Thomas was from England and Rachel from PA. Rachel is 83 years old, one year older then Thomas. They celebrated with three sons, one daughter and 12 grnadchildren. Brother John MARSALL and Sister Mrs. Edward LAWRENCE of Elgin.



Guardianship of

�������������� Catherine Louise ROPER & James Gordon ROPER, minors, Father Harry D. ROPER approved

Conservator-ship of

��� ��������� Albert WALDRON

��� ��������� George ENGLISH

Estate of Andrew E. SCHRIBER, deceased

�� ���������� Frank B. GALE, deceased

�� ���������� Levi B. BURCH, deceased

�� ���������� Evert WICHMAN, deceased

�� ���������� Joseph C. HAGERMAN, deceased

�� ���������� Morris A. CLARK, deceased

�� ���������� Simon SHEAFF, deceased


Marriage Licenses

Jacob HEINZEROTH Lee Co., 22 � Pearl L. MEYER Lee Co., 19

Harold L. WADER Orgeon, 26 � Anna S. BROWN Oregon, 28


15 August 1917


Died�Henry LOOMIS, born 20 Aug 1840, Marion, Wayne Co., NY, died 2 August, at home in South Haven, Mich. Family; Henry, Lucevia and Emily. At 22 years old he joined Co. H, 124th ILL Infantry but was then discharged due to disability. In 1870 moved to Rochelle married 17 Dec 1873 to Sarah M. SWARTOUT of Olcott, NY, Surviving is one son Howard of Brookings SD.


Died�Robert DRESSER youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. Elijah DRESSER died in Rockford hospital Sunday. Survived by his wife and two children, Amour & Miss. Francie Fred DRESSER. Remains to Lindenwood


Died�Lillian REYNOLDS daughter of Mr. & Mrs. B. A. REYNOLDS died Wednesday Aug 8th, burial at Lawnridge.



Estate of Malvina A. SOUTHWORT, deceased

�� ���������� George JACKSON, deceased

�� ���������� Ernest BURSIRG, deceased

�� ���������� Elizabeth REES, deceased

�� ���������� Frederick A MINES, deceased

�� ���������� Roelf BLOHOUS, deceased

�� ���������� George E. BUSHELL, deceased


Marriage Licenses

Joseph H. ISLEY Rochelle, 29�Anna C. VOGELER Rochelle, 23

Robert SALMON Charleston, MD, 28 � Genevieve H. CARTWRIGHT Oregon, 28


22 Aug 1917



Estate of Lewis O BRICKWNELL, deceased

�� ���������� Anna Amelia CASS, deceased

�� ���������� Joel TOBIAS, deceased

�� ���������� Charles B. WILLIAM, deceased

�� ���������� John PAHALE, deceased

�� ���������� Inez S. BETEBENNER, deceased

�� ��������� Nelton H. LYMAN, deceased

�� ���������� August FENSKE (Widow Amelia) , deceased

�� ���������� Malvina SOUTHWORT, deceased

�� ���������� James R. ANDERSON, deceased

�� ���������� Lena GOETZ, deceased

�� ���������� Gardner SWEET, deceased

�� �������� ��Christian LEWIS, deceased

Guardianship of Fred H. MILLE�Discharged

Conservator-ship Ann E BEIDLER

�� ��������������������� Marion F. BRAND


Marriage License

Jacob HEINTZMAN Lee Co., 22 � Pearl L. MEYERR, Lee Co., 19


Wednesday 29 Aug 1917


Died�Noah Wesley SWICK, born Ohio 24 Aug 1853 died at home Rochelle, 25 Aug 1917, 64 years, one day. Moved to Ill. About 10 years ago. Married Miss Belle KING 17 Aug 1880. Nine Children, eight in Rochelle. Funeral Monday Lawnridge. Children, Wilbert, John, George, Arthur, Annie, Merritt, Ida and Clarence.


Died�Ray SANFORD, 22 died drowned in Kyte Creek last Monday



5 Sep 1917


Married�Adam KRUG and Miss Anna BINZ in Chicago on Monday August 20, Daughter of Andrew BINZ


Died�Mrs. Israel BRUNDAGE, Sue L. LATHE was born in Littleton, NH 25 Aug 1833, died 1 Sep 1917 at her step daughter�s home, Mrs. Myrtle FRYE, nee BRUNDAGE in Hollywood. She married Rev. Israel BRUNDAGE 4 Dec 1872, Rev. Israel became a pastor as First Presbyterian in Rochelle, he died 13 May 1890 in Cheptopa, KS where he was a pastor and is buried there.


Married�Miss Merite MAAKESTAD daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S. J. MAAKESTAD of Creston married at home Wednesday 12 noon to Clarence O. REED of Lansing, Mich.


Anniversary�Mr. & Mrs. A. T. HEMMINGWAY celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Monday August 27, they have six children and 20 grandchildren


Died�John J. BARTON Jr. 8 yrs old, son of Postmaster BARTON of Sublette, died Sunday August 28 of Lockjaw.


12 Sep 1917


Died�Grace daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Blaine HUSSEY, six years old, struck by an auto Wednesday morning and killed near Franklin Grove



Estate of Lawson PHELPS, deceased

�� ���������� Isabella PIKE, deceased

�� ���������� William FINNEY, deceased

�� ���������� John T. BOWLER, deceased

���������� Lucy LEWIS, deceased

Marriage License

Fred FRY, Polo 30, -- Anna B STEIN, Chadwick 27

Guy KNICELY, Rochelle 26�Edna QUIST Rochelle 18

Fred HILL, Nebraske 24 � Sarah E. SHARER, Mt. Morris 24


19 Sep 1917


Died�Mrs. John SCHOENHOLZ, Maria Ann YETTER born in Bavaria, Germany 9 Jan 1843, died 15 Sep 1917 at her daughters home, Mrs. ELLSWORTH. Came to America in 1855, married John SCHOENHOLZ on 29 Aug 1859, he died about nine years ago. Five children, three survive, Phillip of Scarboro, Mrs. Clinton ELLSWORTH of Alto Twp. (Lee Co.), Frank of Dixon. John YETTER or Mt Morris and Mrs. Henry HENZE of Rochelle, Funeral Monday, burial Steward


Died�Mrs. A. M. HANSON, Augusta HANSON died at home Flagg Center on Saturday morning. Born in Sweden 25 Jan 1852, husband, five sons and one daughter survive. Buried Lawnridge


Married�At St. Patrick�s Miss Maria VAUGH and Mr. Ernest HERMANN, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William VAUGH, Son of Mr. & Mrs. John HERMANN


Died�Chauncey SIXBURY died in Woodward, IA 7 Sep 1917, born in Sycamore 30 May 1838, moved to Iowa in 1882


26 Sep 1917


Died�Mrs. Evalena KINCAID 25 Sep, born Rochelle 19 Mar 1866, married Dr. S. W. KINCAID in Beloit, Kansas 7 Oct 1890. Two daughters survive, Miss Helen, somewhere in Texas and Miss Marjorie. One sister, Mrs. H. W. KNOLTON of San Francisco, brother James RAE. She is buried at Sunset Hill Cemetery beside her husband who died 11 Aug 1907


Died�Mrs. Ole RASMUSSEN died Tuesday 18 Sep from tuberculoses. Born in Norway 40 years ago, funeral Friday from home to Lawnridge, survived by husband and four children.


3 Oct 1917


Died�Mrs. Robert BRUNDAGE died Tuesday at home of sister Mrs. J. T. LANSDEN near Kings Station


Died�Mrs. John HIGHSTREET died Monday, funeral at White Rock Lutheran Church



Conservator-ship�Minnie E HACK

���� ��������������������� John B BEAR

���� ��������������������� Laura BUTTERFIELD

���� ��������������������� Lewis STEINHAGEN

Guardianship�������� George B. WILSON

Estate of�������������� Frances M. McGUFFIN, deceased

���� ��������������������� Azuba BIRD, deceased

���� ��������������������� Emily E. RAY, deceased

���� ��������������������� Herman WINCH, deceased

���� ��������������������� Daniel STOUT, deceased

���� ��������������������� Lewis O. BRICKNELL, deceased

���� ��������������������� Jacob C. BECK, deceased

���� ��������������������� Lena GOETZ, deceased

���� ��������������������� Lawson E. PHELPS, deceased

���� ��������������������� Albert E. AGNEW, deceased

���� ��������������������� Ann Amelia CASE, deceased


Marriage License

Carl R. ZWEGLER, Lanark 20�Ruth M. BOWER, Lanark 18


10 Oct 1917


Married�October 6, at the home of Mr. & Mrs. George W. GUEST, their only daughter Marion Grace GUEST to George W. SIMONS Jr. of Jacksonville, FL


Married�Miss Helen KNIGHT daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert KNIGHT to Elmer PARTRIDGE to Toledo, O at the family home in Lynnville October 8


Died�Mrs. Al WARD October 17 at Lincoln Hospital, buried Tuesday at Lawnridge [Adelaide Freeland}


Died�John STONEHOUSE formerly of Rochelle, brother of Mrs. G. HAMLIN and Mrs. I. E. THORP, died Friday in Flint, Michigan, he was born 30 Aug 1861, Chautauqua, NY, buried at Lawnridge


Died�Mrs. Austin SAMMON died at her daughters, Mrs. C. C. MILLER, Steward 8 Oct 1917. Surviving children; Mrs. John DEE, Mrs. Mary MINNIHAN, Mrs. Kate WOODS, Mrs. C. C. MILLER, Mrs., Thomas DAUM, Harry, Matthew and James.


Dies�Mrs. Robert BRUNDAGE, born in White Rock 28 Aug 1865, died 2 Oct, she is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William SHEADLE, married Robert C. BRUNDAGE 23 Dec 1886, Funeral Thursday.



Conservator-ship George ENGLISH

�������� ��������������� Minnie HACKER

�������� ��������������� Alvin E. BRAYTON

Estate of������������ Lucy F. LEWIS, deceased

����� ������������������ Ehme BRASS, deceased

����� ������������������ Emily A. RAE, deceased

����� ������������������ Malvina A. SOUTHWORTH, deceased

����� ������������������ Amelia BISSEN, deceased

����� ������������������ Oscar A. WARREN, deceased

����� ������������������ John B. BEAR, deceased

����� ������������������ August KILKER, deceased

����� ������������������ Elizabeth REESE, deceased


Marriage License

Louis BARKMAN, Mt. Morris � Lillian TUMPERCH, IA

Adah M. TILDEN, Chicago, 23�William SPRINGER Jr. IA, 27

Rudolph H. KREIMEYER, IA, 27�Minnie HARTJE, Adeline, 27

Robert J. McFALL, Chillicothe, IL, 30�Alice M. CARR, Canada 28


17 Oct 1917


Anniversary�Mr. & Mrs. Grant RITCHIE, dinner was on Friday October 12


Died�Mrs. Mariette CRANDELL, widow of B. M. CRANDALL, died Saturday in Rockford. Born in Franklin Co., OH 15 Oct 1839, Married Brandford CRANDALL on 20 Nov 1857, he died 19 May 1915. Twelve children, eleven survive; Frederick M., Daniel R., Mrs. Charles V. KENDALL, Theodore W., Ulyssus G., Miles E., Edwin L., Albert R., Rutherford H., Mrs. Edward DRAPER, Miss Myra CRANDALL.


Died�Mrs. Ai WARD, died 17 Oct 1917. Mandany Adelaide FREELAND, born in Thompkins Co., NY 9 Sep 1832, married Ai WARD at Dryden, NY, on 5 Jan 1856, They have two children, John Wellington and Ernest A. They came to Rochelle October 1870, funeral Tuesday, Lawnridge



Estate of��� Nettie MILK, deceased

��� ������������ Augustus F. FIELD, deceased

��� ������������ Emily A. RAY, deceased

��� ������������ Ernest BURSING, deceased

��� ������������ Joseph C. HAGAMAN, deceased

��� ������������ George RUMMEL, deceased

��� ������������ Mary L. LAWYER, deceased

��� ������������ Emily POFFENBARGER, deceased

��� ������������ Minnie E. BUSS, deceased

��� ������������ William FINNEY, deceased


���������������� Sarah E. NASHOLD

�������� ������� James A. BOYLE

Guardianship of

������������� ����George D. O�BRIEN


Marriage License

Harold C. HURD, Polo, 21�Olive Bertha LONG, Sterling, 18

George W. SIMMONS Jr., FL, 26�Marion Grace GUEST, Rochelle, 26

Herbert H. Lewis, IA, 19�Nellie Edna KIG, Kings, 19

E. L. PARTRIDGE, OH, 19�Helen Ann KNIGHT, Rochelle, 26

Frank MARHOFKE, Mich., 23�Marguerite FARRELL, Oregon, 22

Harris W. ZIMMERMAN, Davis Junction, 23�Ida H. HUFFMAN, Monroe Center, 23


24 Oct 1917


Died�Martin RASMUNSON, 3 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Tony RASMUNSON, died Friday morning near Chana, Burial St. Patrick�s Sunday


31 Oct 1917


Birthday�Fite G. ROSSMAN 100 years old October 28. Born in Scholarie Co., NY on 28 Oct 1817, [Page 1 with photo]


Died�D. A. HARLEMAN, Marion Twp., died 24 Oct, 68 yrs. Funeral Friday, Paynes Point.


14 Nov 1917


Died�Mrs. David A. ELMORE widow of David. Mrs. Adalza V. ELMORE, died at her daughters� Mrs., W. V. DOGGETT, Chicago last Tuesday, remains to Rockford


21 Nov 1917


Married�1 o�clock Saturday, Miss Gladys SMITH and Mr. William ANDERSON of Ohio, IL

At the brides home, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer SMITH


Anniversary�Mr. & MRs. A. W. HARTONG, 50th Wedding Anniversary 14 November


28 Nov 1917


Married�Miss Irene MURPHY to Patrick DONAHER at Catholic Church Saturday


Anniversary�Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. LEWIS, Wednesday 21 November


Died�Mr. Thomas O�NEIL Sr. died Tuesday at home of his son John, 416 Ninth St., leaving two sons, John & Thomas Jr., and sister MRs. Mary COFFEY of Dixon. Interment Dixon


Died�Mrs., George EAKLE, Polo, died 15 Nov, sister of George & Jasper DICUS


Wedding�Invitations are sent out for the marriage of Howard JOHNSON of Byron to Miss Eva STANSBURY of Holcomb. The wedding will take place in Holcomb Thursday, Thanksgiving Day


5 Dec 1917


Died�Holden L. RISETTER, died at home in Lee, 25 Nov, Survived by wife, eight children and nine grandchildren


Married�27 November at brides uncle in Houston, TX, Miss Ruth Mary HEATH daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. HEATH, Chicago to Lt. Emery B. NEFF son of Mr. & Mrs. Emery NEFF of Rochelle.


Married�Holcomb, daughter of Mr. & Mrs., Edgar E. STANSBURY, Thursday Thanksgiving Day, Clarissa STANSBURY to Howard Nash JOHNSON of Byron


Birth�Mr. & Mrs. George VAN HISE parents to a baby girl born last Friday


Anniversary�Mr. & Mrs. John JUSKOSKIE, 30th wedding anniversary


12 Dec 1917


Married�Miss Helen SOUTHWORTH daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. SOUTHWORTH married to Eugne R. TIGAN son of Mrs. Kate TIGAN, 6 Dec 1917, St. Patricks


19 Dec 1917


Married- CARNEY-COOK, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph CARNEY, Steward, daughter Dorothy Delight married on Thursday 13 December to Mr. Harold Hemenway COOK, son of Mr. & Mrs., Morris COOK of Steward


Died�Hiram H. HURD, Stillman Valley, died at home Thursday Aged 70 years, survived by his wife and one daughter, Mrs. L. R. CARMICHAEL


26 Dec 1917


Died�Theodore �Dora� Jackson YOUNG, died 19 Dec at Aurora, IL. funeral from home to brother in law, George W. GUEST. Theodore was son of Mr. & Mrs. John S. & Christian J. YOUNG. Born 16 Jan 1859, survived by mother, two sisters, Mrs. Belle FIAS and Mrs. George GUEST


Died�Henry KITTLESON, born Leland, IL 9 Mar 1882, died at St. Anthony�s, Rockford, 18 December, burial Wednesday. Lawnridge. Survived by mother, one sister, Mrs. J. C. OSSE, brothers Emil, Chris and Samuel


Died�Wesley W. BUCKLEY, editor Forreston Journal died Friday, Funeral Zion Reformed in Forreston, Interment, Lanark.


Died�Mrs. W. B. TILTON, Lafayette Twp., died at son, Fred TILTON 18 December, age 67, Survived by husband, son Fred and daughter Mrs. Dollie PENTZ, burial Washington Grove