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Alexander Lawson. A Scotchman by birth, Mr. Lawson claims Paisley as the place of his nativity. He was born there on the 11th of September, 1824, and is the son of John and Janet (Downey) Lawson. His father followed the industry which has given Paisley a world-wide reputation, and was a shawl manufacturer.

Our subject accompanied his parents on their emigration to Canada, in the spring of 1832. The family first settled in King Township, Province of Ontario, where they remained till the year 1840. In May of that year, they moved to Illinois, stopping at Buffalo Grove, where they remained six months, thence to Brookville Township, where they settled. The subject of our sketch was married November 23, 1848, to Rebecca Harrington, the daughter of Nicholas W. and Betsy (Spencer) Harrington. Mrs. Lawson was born in Onondaga County, New York, May 11, 1826.

Her parents were natives of Rhode Island and were among the early settlers of Onondaga County. To Mr. and Mrs. Lawson eight children have been born, five of whom are boys: The eldest, a son, Albert H. died at the age of 11 months; Henry T., second son, married Rosa Shirk and is a resident of Freeport; the third son was Herbert, who is single; Alexander P. is married to Kate Clopper and resides in Brookville Township, this county; a fifth son, Oliver H. died in early manhood. Of the remaining children all are daughters, of whom Annie and Kate are living with their parents; the youngest child, Mary E., died in early infancy.

Mr. Lawson has held the position of School Director for 12 years, of Town Commissioner for 18 years and served as Assessor one term. He was also Treasurer of the Board of County Commissioners for 15 years. Himself and wife are active members of the Baptist denomination, attending services at the First Church, in Polo. Politically, Mr. Lawson takes pride in the fact that he has always been a Republican.

The Family had a domestic servant by the name of Lena Bank from Hanover, Germany who was 18 years old.

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