Miss Amy Wood was born in Mento, Lake Co., Ohio, January 30 1837 and died at Byron Illinois, May 29, 1886, aged 49 years, 3 months and 29 days. She died having been indisposed for 27 years. (She) emigrated from Ohio to Illinois with her parents in 1850, where they settled at Middle Creek. Sister Wood gave her heart to God and her hand to the church in her youth. She joined the church in 1858, and from that time to her death she lived an examplary Christian life. During failing health and severe sickness, she gave full proof of her implicit trust in God and her abundant consolation in communion with Christ. She was always cheerful even in the times of suffering, often giving expression to the great estimate she placed in religious experience as being superior to all disappointment. Her last words to her mother were, “Mother do not weep for me it is pleasant beyond the vale.” Father and mother Wood have both been very devoted and attentive to her, and now; though they are separated they a a good hope of a blessed meeting again.

Byron Express, Jun. 4, 1886