A. Atchison, residing on section 8, Monroe Township, where he follows the vocation of farming, was born on the Emerald Isle in June, 1943. The parents of Mr. Atchison were John and Mary (MeNeil) Atchison, who were also born in the land of the Shamrock. They emigrated from their native land to Canada, where his father died in 1867, the demise of his mother occurring one year later.

The subject of this sketch, at 15 years of age engaged to learn the boot and shoe trade, at which he worked for a year and a half, when, on account of an accident, having run an awl in his eye, he was compelled to abandon the trade. He received the advantages of a common school education, and has made farming the vocation of his life. He came to this State in 1869, a year after the death of his mother, and settled in Monroe Township, where he did various kinds of work, and cultivated some land on shares. It was not until 1875 that Mr. Atchison was enabled, through his habits of economy, to purchase a home of his own. During this year he made his first purchase of land, which consisted of 120 acres, and is the identical tract on which he is residing to-day. On this land he settled with his family, and engaged actively and energetically in its improvement and cultivation, and by laborious toil has brought the land to the advanced state of cultivation in which it may be found today.

Mr. Atchison and Miss Elizabeth Streight were united in the holy bonds of matrimony May 25, 1863. She was born in Canada, Jan. 9, 1846. Her mother died in 1875, and her father is still living and resides in Canada. Of the union of Mr. and Mrs. Atchison eight children have been born, namely: Mary J.; Samuel J.; John C.; Archibald B.; Grace E.; Ella M.; Cecil L. and Everett C.

Politically Mr. Atchison is a Republican. Religiously he and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and of his congregation Mr. Atchison is trustee. He is one of the self-made men of Ogle County, and what he has of this world's goods he has accumulated through his own efforts, and not through the recipiency of any legacy.

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