Battle Ground Cemetery

Marion Township

Battle Gound Cemetery is located within the village of Stillman Valley on the south side of Highway 72. A 50-ft. high monument marks the spot where the Battle of Stillman Run was fought in the Blackhawk War of 1832.

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"Here on May 14, 1832 the first engagement of the Black Hawk War took place, when 275 Illinois Militiamen under Major Isaiah Stillman were put to flight by Black Hawk and his warriors. So thoroughly demoralized were the Volunteers, that a new army had to be called into the field. The presence of the Soldiers, Statesman, Martyr, Abraham Lincoln, assisting in the burial of the honored dead has made this spot more sacred. A large monument erected by the Battle Ground Memorial Association of Stillman Valley, with funds appropriated by the Forty-Second General Assembly of Illinois, approved May 11, 1901, in memory of the Illinois Volunteers, who fell at Stillman Run, stands overlooking the nine burials at the cemetery."



Photos by Laverne M. Stauffer

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