Belford Slater, farmer, Sec. 3, P.O. Polo; owns 188 acres of land valued at $11,000; he was born in Markham Township, Upper Canada, August 3, 1830; came to Buffalo Township, Ogle Co. in 1849; this town has been his place of residence since then; he has been Road Master and School Director several years; his first wife was Emily Carpenter; she died June 11, 1868; they had three children - Frank H., now resides in Iowa; he was born Feb. 27, 1860; the other two were twins, born June 1, 1868, one named Emery who died July 31, 1868; the other, Emert, died Sept. 6, 1868. Mr. Slater's present wife was Ruth Appleford; they were married April 10, 1872; she was born in Townsend Township, Upper Canada, Nov. 18, 1844. They have children - Lewis Wm., born June 27, 1873; George Albert, March 17, 1875; and Arthur Belford, Feb. 12, 1877. Mr. and Mrs. Slater are members of the M.E. Church.

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