Benjamin Coddington (1806-?) Biography

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BENJAMIN CODDINGTON, Farmer, Sec. 6, owns eighty acres of land in Pine Creek Twp. and eighty acres in Oregon Twp., probably valuation $4,000. Mr. C. was born August 14, 1806 in Alleghany Co., Md, and was married August 1, 1832 to Catharine, daughter of Joseph Bailey of Hamilton Co., Ohio. Mrs. C. was born August 1, 1811 and died March 5, 1877. They had seven children, two of whom are dead and named James, born July 16, 1837 and Margaret, born November 5, 1839. The names of those living are Elizabeth, born May 14, 1833, John, born December 5, 1834, Aaron P., born December 12, 1841, Harrison, born May 26, 1844 and Mary, born July 28, 1848. Mr. Coddington came to Ogle Co. in 1839 and settled in Pine Creek Twp. He is a Republican and was Commissioner of Highways for one term.

History of Ogle Co., IL, H. F. Kett & Co., Chicago, IL, 1878, page 621

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