Lewis Wertz (1817-1896) Biography

March 4, 2018 0 Comments

WERTZ, LEWIS, Farmer: Sec 21;P O Oregon; owns 160 acres of land, probable valuation, $5,600; Mr. W. was born Jan 10, 1817, in Franklin Co., PA and came west to Ogle Co., IL April 10, 1840; was married Feb. 16, 1854 to Miss REBECCA A.C.BELL, daughter of David Bell, Stephenson Co., IL; they had seven children, five of whom are living- Luther C, Lewis F, Archibald C, U.S. Grant, and Nellie B; Mr. W. is a Republican, and an active member of the Lutheran Evangelical Church; is also the inventor of a patent plow for cultivation, which will prove a valuable acquisition to farmers everywhere.

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