Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

SAMUEL MITCHELL, is a Merchant at Chana, in the township of Pine Rock. He is extensively engaged in buying and selling grain and also handles agricultural implements. He is associated with his brother in business and their establishment includes a grain warehouse and an elevator. Mr. Mitchell was born in the city of Albany, N.Y., June 12, 1848, and is the son of James and Nancy (Brown) Mitchell. His parents were born in Ireland and came to this country about 1840. The father was a baker by trade and operated in that line of business in the capital city of the Empire State about ten years. In 1854, he removed with his family to Ogle County. Mr. Mitchell is one of the family of four children and is second in order of birth: William J. Mitchell is deceased; John B. Mitchell; and Mary J. Mitchell are still unmarried. The homestead of the parents is located on section 21, in the township of Pine Rock and there the members of the family make their home. The farm contains 261 acres, in fine agricultural andition and the dwelling is one of the best in the township; the additional farm structures are of a character to compare to those on the place in appearance and style. They include all that are necessary to the purposes of a first class farm in Illinois. The stock is of the best grades. The brothers, Samuel and John, are engaged in the lines of business mentioned and have been operating together five years. They are well and favorably known as “Mitchell Brothers.” Mr. Mitchell was married in Chana, Dec. 30, 1879, to Frances M. Roe, daughter of Giles B. Roe and Elinor G. (Taylor) Roe, born in Pine Rock township. They have one child, Effie B. Mitchell, born Jan. 22, 1882. Mr. Mitchell of this narrative is prominent in local matters and has served in the capacity of Collector two years, and as Commissioner of Highways six years. In 1880 he was elected Assessor of Pine Rock Township, and within the same year he was appointed Census Enumerator. In 1881 he was elected Township Clerk and was also in that year appointed Township Treasurer, which office he still holds. He is a Republican in his political connections.

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