Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Samuel Yeakle:

Mr. Yeakle, the senior member of the well known and properous firm of Yeakle & Helm, was born in Berks Co., Pa., Oct. 27, 1850. He is the son of John and Lydia (Kreibel) Yeakle, a Pennsylvania German Family. Mr. Yeakle came to Polo in 1871, and started in the lumber business, which he continued very nearly ten years. In July, 1881, he formed a partnership with Henry W. Helm, and begun business under the firm name of Yeakle & Helm. They have done a very successful business from that date. Mr. Yeakle was married Feb. 8, 1873, in Ringtown, Pa., to Savilla M.A. Harper, daughter of Rev. Thomas Harper. Mrs. Yeakle was born near Harrisburg, Pa. The fruits of this union are a son, Warren H., born Dec. 1, 1873, and a daughter, Eva L., born Dec. 31, 1875. Mr. Yeakle is a member of the Evangelical Church. Politically, he is a follower of the Republican Principles. He is one of the active and solid men of the community and is at present serving a term in the City Council.

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