Warden Demus Tilton (1857-1942) Biography

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Warden D. Tilton, a farmer on section 27 in the township of Pine Rock, is the son of a pioneer of Ogle County. He is such in a double sense, as his mother was the daughter of one of the first settlers in the county. His father, Thomas Tilton, was born in Knox County, Ohio, Nov. 13, 1833. The latter came to Ogle County in 1851, while still unmarried. December 9, 1855, Nancy J. Aikens became his wife, and they were the parents of six children: Warden D. was born April 18, 1857; Stewart W., born September 3, 1859, dies November 23, 1861; Frank Mills, August 29, 1866; Frederick H., October 13, 1870; Gertie May, July 31, 1883. The parents are still living on their farm on section 32, where the father is the owner of a fine estate. The mother was born in Pine Rock township, July 17, 1837.

Mr. Tilton owns two tracts of land, situated respectively on sections 27, and 33, and the entire acrage is in good farming condition. The place where the homestead is located contains 80 acres; the other includes 40 acres. The family dwelling is a modern structure, and was built at a cost of $ 1,000.00.. The farm of Mr. Tilton gives every evidence of careful and skillful management. He is a Democrat in his political connections and views.

The marriage of Mr. Tilton to Eliza J. Hogan was celebrated September 11, 1879. She was born September 9, 1857, and is the daughter of Henry and Flavia (Nephew) Hogan. Mr. and Mrs. Tilton have had one child, a son — Anda T., born October 13, 1882.

Mr. Hogan was born February 11, 1836, in the township of Champlain, Clinton County, N.Y. Mrs. Hogan was born in the same township as her husband, and died February 11, 1864. She is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, in the township of Lafayette.

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