AMICK, Joseph 1834-1915
Born in Mifflin County, Pa., Oct.28; married Susan MERTZ, Oct. 16, 1856; seven children of which number five died very young; moved to White County, Ind., in 1862; married Hannah REIF, sister of Mrs. J.G. ROYER, 1871; three daughters. Student Kishacoquillas Seminary; taught school eleven years. United Ch. of B., 1857; minister Bachelor Run, Ind., 1863; elder before 1882. Left farm in Indiana and became manager and treasurer of publishing interests at Mount Morris in January 1882 and so continued until 1904. Wise in finance and in great demand at funerals and weddings. Special interests: Brethren Publishing House, Mount Morris College and the Home. Died Jan. 4.

BRUBAKER, Daniel E. 1841-1917
Born on March 26 in Washington County, Tenn. United Ch.of B. in Story County, Iowa, 1859; minister, 1863, Pine Creek, Ill.; elder, 1876 in Iowa. Married twice. Settled at Mt. Morris, and served as pastor for Milledgeville congregation, 1907-1909. Did mission work in Toronto and Wisconsin. Appointed member General Mission Board when organized in 1880. Nature student, especially interested in bees.

EMMERT, Michael 1814-1883
Born in Maryland, March 14; came to Ogle County, Ill., in 1860 and settled six miles northwest of Mount Morris. He was called to the ministry and ordained before coming west. Elder of West Branch from 1868 to 1881. When the Old Order movement disturbed the church, he resigned as elder. He was the grandfather of Michael Wolf EMMERT, long a teacher in Mt. Morris College.

FORNEY, Edmund 1838-1926
Born in Somerset County, Pa., April 5; son Michael and Rachel Horner FORNEY; married Elizabeth HERSHEY, Polo, Ill., April24, 1862; two daughters and seven sons, three sons dying in infancy. United Ch. of B. about 1860; minister, 1865; elder, 1873, at which time he began his 36-year charge of Pine Creek congregation. Attended 25 Annual Meetings and served on Standing Committee seven times. Moved to California in 1900, where he continued active in the ministry for some years. Died Nov.26, at La Verne.

FRIDLEY, John 1797-1877
John Fridley and wife came to Mt. Morris, Ill, in 1838, being among the earliest Brethren to settle in northern Illinois. They bought the Judge Ford tract of land and erected a log house which has been enlarged and remodeled and is still in fine state of preservation. Mr. Fridley was a sister of Catherine LONG, wife of Elder Jacob LONG of West Branch, and of Elizabeth LONG, wife of Daniel LONG, and grandmother of Daniel L. MILLER.

HECKMAN, John 1863-1960
Son of John and Lavina Moyer HECKMAN, Swiss and German ancestry repectively; born June 24, in Bond County, IL. Parents died before he was four. Grew up at Girard, went to high school and graduated at Mt. Morris Academy 1883; taught rural school two years. Jan. 8, 1885 married Hattie PRICE, Pine Creek, Ill., and began farming at Sabetha, Kans. Moved to Polo, Ill., in 1892. Five children, two sons and three daughters. Clarence, the youngest, went to Africa in 1924. Joined Ch. of B., 1883; minister, 1886, Enoch EBY giving charge; elder, 1899. Some evangelistic work in early ministry. Elder and free ministry, Pine Creek, 1899-1907, and Polo pastor, 1908-1914; elder of Polo, 1905-1925. Elder of a number of Ill. and Wis. churches, and Covington, Ohio, 1911-1916. Member Standing Committee three times. Reader once. On a number of Annual Meeting committees, most important being Dress Committee of 1910-1911. Member and chairman of District Mission Board, 1905-1915; Board of Administration, 1934--. Trustee Mt. Morris College, 1905-1932 and chairman fifteen years; treasurer, five years; chairman executive committee in endowment campaign, 1917. Moderator District Meeting several times and identified with missionary development in the district. Associate author of Brethren in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin.

LAMPIN, William H. 1864-1958
Born at Pine Creek, Ill., Nov. 14; son of Joseph and Susan Lockridge LAMPIN; married Gussie PRICE, Dec. 31, 1885; one son, one daughter. They soon united with the church and became active; minister, 1900; elder, 1909. For about fifteen years he devoted his efforts to evangelism and was the means of bringing many to Christ, especially adults.

LINE, Jacob S. 1831-1908
Born in Washington County, Md., April 23: married Louisa EMMERT, daughter of Eld. Michael EMMERT of West Branch congregation; united with Ch. of B., 1861; deacon, 1862, and settled in Polo the same year. He did more than any other to build a Brethren congregation in Polo in the early days.

MILLER, Daniel L. 1841-1921
Born in his father's mill near Hagerstown, Md., Oct. 5, oldest of thirteen children; son Abram and Catherine Long MILLER (daughter of Daniel LONG of West Branch, Ill.); married Elizabeth TALLEY of Philadelphia, Oct. 6, 1868. (They settled in Polo, Ill.) United Ch. of B., 1863; minister, 1887; elder 1891. Engaged in business in Polo, 1868-1879. Became business manager Mt. Morris College, 1879; active in church publications, 1882; began his seven
world pilgrimages, 1883; lectured, preached and worte much till the time of his death, June 1921. Office editor of Gospel Messenger, 1885-1891; editor-in-chief, 1891 till death. Member General Mission Board, 1885-1910, and life member till death. Long-time member board of trustees Mount Morris College. As to Annual Meeting, six times on Standing Committee, four times secretary, two time moderator. Author, Europe and Bible Lands, 1884; Wanderings in Bible Lands, 1894; Seven Churches of Asia, 1894; Girdling the Globe, 1897; The Eternal Verities, 1897; The Other Half of the Globe, 1907; co-author Some Who Led, 1912. He was a great leader in business and religion, generous in his philanthropies, and easily one of the greatest men the Church of the Brethren has produced. The church became the chief heir to his property.

NEWCOMER, Emanuel 1829-1928
Born March 11; son Emanuel and Catherine Funk NEWCOMER, one of sixteen children, near Hagerstown, Md.; married Isabel KNOCK, 1853; ten children. United Ch. of B., 1864; minister, 1869, West Branch, Ill.; elder, 1888. In 1844 he came with his parents to Ogle County, Ill., by wagon on a seven-week trip. A keen thinker but not a fluent speaker. Lacked only five months of living one hundred years.

NEWCOMER, Melchior S. 1842-1920
Born at Hagerstown, Md., Jan. 28; son Isaac and Elizabeth Emmert NEWCOMER; married Eliza HAMMER, Polo, Ill., May 17, 1865. United Ch. of B., West Branch, Ill., 1866; minister, 1869; elder, 1887; soon afterward took charge of West Branch and served till 1908. Farmer-preacher. His great contribution was the founding of Mt. Morris College in 1879, in which his aim was to furnish educational opportunities to Brethren young people and to maintain the distinctive features of the Church of the Brethren.

NEWCOMER, Samuel I. 1856-1947
Born at West Branch, Ill., June 24; son Isaac and Elizabeth Emmert NEWCOMER; married Emma PHILLIPS, 1878; four sons, three daughters. United Ch. of B., 1879; minister, 1888; elder, 1906. Left Lanark, Ill., for Calif., 1920.

PRICE, Collins C. 1869-1944
Born Pine Creek, Ill., April 4: son John W. and Nancy Rowland PRICE; married Alice STUFF, Dec. 31, 1891; married Mrs. Emma CUPP, -?-. Minister, 1894; elder, 1901; elder and pastor Pine Creek, 1905-1919; chairman district mission board, 1917-1924. Moved to Florida, 1924.

PRICE, Daniel R. 1851-1905
Born Pine Creek, Ill; son Daniel G. and Catherine Weller PRICE; married Isabella MCQUILKEN. United with Ch. of B. early in life. Chosen deacon 1881, he proved very efficient. On building committee Pine Creek meetinghouse, 1881. District treasurer of boards for needy of Northern Illinois, which became the basis of the Home at Mt. Morries; trustee of Home, 1892-1901.

PRICE, David E. 1832-1923
Born near Waynesboro, Pa., Sept. 7; son Jacob and Susan Emmert PRICE; married Helen E. ROWLAND, of Ogle County, Ill., Nov. 25, 1853; ten children; married Elizabeth HICKS, 1899. They united with Ch. of B., 1855; minister, 1859; elder, 1866--all this at West Branch. As a boy he felt he would be called to the ministry and desired to go to school. His father opposed schools but allowed David to go to Lititz Academy one year. Timid when first he began to preach, he lost all fear later. Put in charge of Silver Creek when organized in 1867, he continued so until 1902. Served Standing Committe nine times and was moderator of Conference three times. His sermons abounded in Bible passages well connected.

PRICE, John W. 1823-1894
Born Berkeley County, Va. (now W.Va.), Feb. 9, sixth generation of John Jacob PRICE. Came with his parents to Ogle County, Ill., 1840. Student Rock River Seminary, 1842; then taught country school. Married Nancy ROWLAND, Feb. 28, 1850. United Ch. of B. at Franklin Grove soon after; charter member Pine Creek 1858; member first district mission board; of General Mission Board, 1887-1889. Regularly attended Annual Meeting accompanied by some members of the family.

PRICE, Samuel C. 1819-?
Born in Franklin County, Pa.; accompanied parents to Berkeley County, Va. (now W. Va.); came to Ogle County, 1839. Married Sarah LONG, Jan. 15, 1848; established home near Salem church site; second wife, Elizabeth LONG. He was church treasurer and a leader in building Salem and Silver Creek meetinghouses. His wagon shop was known far and wide, and his home was open to all.

SWINGLEY, Benjamin 1816-1905
Born Sept. 17, Washington County, Md.; son Michael SWINGLEY; on Nov. 31, 1837, married Catherine HERSHEY, sister of Isaac HERSHEY and of the mother of John J. EMMERT; eight children. Settled near Mt. Morris, 1844. he was a strong leader at Silver Creek. They united with Ch. of B. in 1858, probably at Arnold's Grove.

TROSTLE, Eva 1878-1938
Born near Mt. Morris, Ill., April 26; daughter of Ephraim P. and Alice Wingert TROSTLE; united Ch. of B., 1890. Student Mt. Morris College, Bethany Bible Schools, Columbia College of Expression, White's Bible Teacher Training School, Lewis Institute, Moody Bible Institute and Christian Missionary Alliance Training School. Associated with Bethany Biblical Seminary for seventeen years as student, teacher and dean of women in the Nurses' Training School of Gethany hospital. Member of Conference Committee on Dress Reform. Died Aug. 12.

WINGERT, Daniel 1820-1913
Born near Clearspring, Md., Oct. 26; married Nancy FOREMAN, Oct. 26, 1843; three children; married Mrs. Catherine BUTTERBAUGH, 1890. Settled at Winchester, Ohio, 1831, at Franklin Grove, Ill., 1846, at Mt. Morris, 1875. Farmer, plasterer, mason, and long-time merchant in Mt. Morris. An active deacon. When the special district meeting was considering the Danish mission he said: 'I have a thousand dollars for you to draw on at any time; go ahead with the work.' This challenge electrified the meeting.

ZELLERS, Daniel 1818-1906
Born in Washington County, Md., April 12; married Mary LONG, daughter of Daniel LONG, March 30, 1843; nine children. Came to Ogle County, Ill., 1844. One of the four outstanding deacons of Silver Creek--ZELLERS, SWINGLEY, PRICE and WINGERT. For many years he with his clear musical voice 'raised the tune'.

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