A few years ago it was the happy privilege of one of Rochelle's pioneer families to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. The home had ever been open to those who needed a helping hand. Today it is made lonely with the passing out of this life, the husband and father, Charles Coon. During the past two years the many friends of Mr. Coon could detect his medical powers weakening but with unlimited courage he endeavored to conceal his decline in health. Not until last Friday did he take his bed, and failed rapidly. The end came on Tuesday morning, August 22nd at 8:10 at his home at 614 Lincoln Avenue which has been the family home for nearly a quarter of a century. All medical skill and careful and faithful nursing proved inadequate to restore health. The machinery had worn out and all that was left to do was for loving hands to administer to his comfort.

Charles Coon, a son of Horace and Matilda Fulton Coon was born in Rockford, Dec. 16, 1849 and had he been spared until December he would have rounded out his 73rd year. He came to this city with his parents in 1853 and saw the place grow from a small hamlet to the progressive city of today.

In 1870 at Oregon, Mr. Coon was united in marriage to Miss Nellie Kelley. To this union was born one child, a daughter Florence, now Mrs. A.M. Peterson. After her marriage she continued to remain with her parents - an arrangement which has been a great source of great comfort to them in their declining years. They regarded her with great devotion and the home was a happy one until the Grim Reaper invaded it last Tuesday. And yet Mr. Coon had lived beyond the allotted three score and ten and those who are left have much to be thankful for. Besides his wife and daughter, there remains one sister, Mrs. O.A. Warren who lies critically ill and has not been apprised of her brother's death, and one brother, Frank B. Coon of Wadena, Minn. who was here when his brother passed away.

Mr. Coon had lived in this city longer than any resident here, and was actively engaged at his trade - that of a painter until eight years ago when he retired from his busy career. His father, Horace Coon, built the Lane House which was located on the site of Hotel Delos. At this hotel the officials of the Northwestern railroad were banqueted with the incoming of the first train. He was familiar with the history and development of this community coming here when there were but three log cabins in Rochelle. To him were referred many questions pertaining to the history of this place and until very recently his mind served him admirably in reproducing and relating the passing events. He was a man who had the courage of his convictions. His loyalty to his friends was proverbial. He was a good citizen and always took an active interest in promoting the welfare of the community.

Funeral services were held in the late home Thursday afternoon. Rev. E. F. Zeigler, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Rochelle officiating. Burial took place in Lawnridge Cemetery.

Printed from Rochelle Herald ~ August 30, 1922

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