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Charles Walkup is a farmer on section 12, of Pine Creek Township. He is the son of Samuel Walkup, who is a settler of Ogle County of 1837. The latter is now a resident of the city of Oregon. Mr. Walkup was born on the farm in which he is living, his birth taking place February 22, 1858. He grew to manhood in the township where he was born, and received his education in the common schools, and, later, attended Rock River Seminary, at Mt. Morris. All the active business life of Mr. Walkup has been passed in the calling to which he was bred, with the exception of about 18 months in which he was occupied in manufacturing and introducing a patented invention, with his brother, L. Walkup, of Rockford, Ill. The invention is called "the Airbrush." Mr. Walkup is extensively interested in the raising of stock. In his political preferences he is a Republican, and has occupied the positions of Justice of the Peace and School Director. He joined in marriage with Miss Sarah C. Little, December 24, 1879. Mrs. Walkup is a native of Pine Creek Township, and was born April 17, 1857. She is the daughter of Jesse and Maria (Fields) Little, who were pioneer settlers of Oregon. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Walkup, two in number, were born as follows: Edith Evelyn, March 27, 1885; Aliison Clyde, August 9, 1881. Mr. Walkup is the owner of the homestead of his father, containing 80 acres.

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