Washington Grove Church and Cemetery, Pine Rock Twp., Ogle Co., IL

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Washington Grove Church has played a vital part in my family’s history.

Del Clark, son of A.D. and Melinda Clark, was the carpenter for this church when it was built. The “platform with the pulpit” was originally located at the south side of the sanctuary. Eventually, it was realigned so that it was at the east side of the sanctuary. The bell tower became unsafe and changes were made some time ago.

My Grandmother, Edith Reed Worthington, was the church’s organist (a reed organ) for many years. She was the daughter of A.D.’s daughter, Rhoda, and her husband, Gilbert Curtis Reed. Edith was married to George Reece Worthington. I have the rocking chair which the congregation gave to them when they were married in 1904.

In the 1920s, my Father, Chester Floyd Patton, served as the pastor of the church. He was unmarried at the time, consequently, his parents, Robert Floyd and Marcie (Center) Patton moved into the parsonage. Dad finished his studies in Chicago at the same time and became a Graduate of Theology in 1927. It was at this time that my Father met the organist’s daughter, Vera Mae Worthington.

When my husband died in 2003, I opted to hold a private burial service at the Washington Grove Cemetery. It only seemed fitting to open the “old church” and let it serve my family one more time.

The other photo is a distance shots taken from the west and looking east.

Contributed courtesy of Lorna Vogt

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