Early Confirmation Classes at St. James Church


30 April 1899

Back row: Charles Stengel; Anna Borneman; Benjamin Horst; John Horst.

Front row: Emma Wilt; Clara Diehl; George Horst.

The CLASS OF 1899 was evidently confirmed by either Professor Max or L. Fritschel of Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa who served in the Stone Church from 1899 to 1904. The Seminary students who also served in the Stone Church may also have taught the confirmation classes part of the time. The class sessions were probably taught in homes. The visiting pastors usually came by train to Freeport on Saturdays and stayed at the homes of the members. Services were usually held in the church on Sunday afternoons and at times only several times a month. In the winter months when the weather was not good, or in the spring when roads were impassable, the service was held one or two Sundays a month.

Class of 1904 (no photo)

The CLASS OF 1904 was confirmed by Rev. Hossfield who was pastor from 1904-1910. Members of this Class were: Fred and John Borneman, Charles, Walter and Theodore Horst, Fred and William Stengel, Mary Wilt, and Anna Goudy.


7 March 1907

Back row: John Borneman; William Stengel; Charles Horst; Theodore Horst; Walter Horst.

Front row: Mary Wilt; Fred Borneman; Unidentified Pastor; Frederick Stengel; Anna Gaude.



27 April 1930

Back row: Leland Henry Horst; Merville George Horst; Emerson Henry Borneman.

Front row: Elverna Mae Borneman; Pastor August G. Suechting; Margaret Lucille Tutt.

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