Portrait and Biographical Album of Ogle Co., IL, Chapman Bros., Chicago, IL, 1886, page 324

Daniel H. Smith is one of the solid, well-to-do citizens of the township of Mt. Morris. He is a native of the State of New York, and was born in Orange Co., July 21, 1830. Peter Smith, his father, was born in the same state and county, and was there reared to manhood. He was also married there, Miss Elizabeth Ackerson, becoming his wife. She was born in New Jersey, near the boundary line between that state and the State of New York. Her parents were of mixed English and Dutch blood, and were among the first settlers in the Empire State. The Smith ancestral stock in America were first settlers in the city of New York and were of mixed Holland-Dutch origin. The great-great grandfather of Mr. Smith, was an officer during the period of the Revolution. The earlier members of the family in this country were noted for tenacity of life, some of them living to be nonogenarians.

When Mr. Smith, of this sketch, was 13 years old his parents removed with their family to Chemung County, in the same state, and there the father died about 1852, after a residence in that county of nine years. The remaining members of the household continued to live there until 1856, when the mother and her children-four in number-came to Ogle County, Ill. They located in the township of White Rock, where and older sister had settled the year before. The mother died in the month of September, after her arrival in Illinois. One of the children died in the month preceding her demise.

Mr. Smith continued to reside in White Rock Township until he settled in life at the head of a family. He and Miss Martha A. Little were united in marriage, September 21, 1865. Mrs. Smith was the daughter of William and Wilhelmina E. (Stanger) Little. Her father was a native of the State of Maryland, and her mother was a native of Prussian-Germany. The latter was brought to the United States when she was a babe six weeks old. Her parents settled in Maryland, where she resided until she was married. The father of Mrs. Smith died in Mt. Morris January 14, 1870. Her mother is still living. She is 83 years old. Mr. and Mrs. Little went from Maryland to Columbus Junction, Iowa, whither they traveled by wagon, their own conveyance. They settled in Louisa County, that state, where Mrs. Smith was born October 19, 1842. She was five years old when they came to Mt. Morris, where she was brought up and educated. One of the five children that have been born to her and her husband is deceased. Following is the record of their births: Mabel was born April 15, 1867; Burt, Jan. 1, 1869; Eldridge, Oct. 19, 1871; Nellie, June 2, 1879; Olive G., March 14, 1881. The latter died August 2 of the same year.

Mr. Smith purchased the first land he owned from his grandfather. It was a part of the homestead in Steuben Co., N. Y. He exchanged that for 160 acres in White Rock Township, in Ogle County, and that was his first landed estate in this county. He was the resident owner and manager of the property there some years. He is now the owner of considerable real estate in various places, and among his possessions is a tract of land in Mt. Morris Township of 448 acres. He is also the proprietor of considerable village property, the latter including an elevator, stock-yards, etc; also a half interest in a business building and about five acres within the village corporation. He has also 500 acres of improved land in Wisconsin and 1,300 acres in Haywood Co., West Tenn. Most of the latter is under tillage. Mr. Smith is a Republican, and a gentleman of enterprise and fine business abilities.

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