Ogle County Democrat (Oregon, Illinois) 19 July 1883
Sad Accident

Drowning of Daniel W. Stonebraker while bathing in Mud Creek

The startling news was conveyed to Mt. Morris last Sunday evening that Daniel W. Stonebraker had drowned while bathing in Mud Creek just where it empties into Rock River. It seems that shortly after dinner, in company with a young man named Stine, the two left the house of John Tice, young Stonebraker’s brother-in-law, for the river for the purpose of bathing. Owing to an accident occurring some months ago the young man has been suffering with a severe nervous difficulty, and upon leaving, was cautioned by his sister to be careful how he ventured into the water. Shortly after arriving at the creek, the two proceeded to take their bath, young Stine who could not swim remaining close to the bank, while Stonebraker, who could swim, ventured farther out. He had scarcely proceeded two rods from the shore before his cries alarmed his companion and it at once became evident that he was drowning. Young Stine being unable to swim could render no assistance and horrified beyond measure, he was compelled to remain a helpless witness of the death struggle of his companion, who sank out of sight while only a few feet from the shore. Other parties who were near by were at one (sic) notified, and a passing sail boat on the river containing station agent Vroman, of Oregon, was signaled. The sein (sic) of a fisherman was soon brought to the spot in hopes that the body could be recovered in that way, but the body as was afterwards discovered, having sank into a deep hole, these efforts at recovery proved unavailing. Sam Sutton with his steamer having in the meantime arrived, it was at once determined to proceed to Oregon for grappling hooks. As little time as possible was occupied in getting them to the spot and in a very short time the body was recovered within a few feet of where it sank.

The deceased was the eldest son of our esteemed townsman Frank W. Stonebraker, and was about twenty-three years of age. The supposition is that he was suddenly incapacitated from swimming by a nervous attack, and before recovering had strangled to such a degree as to be rendered helpless to assist himself. The family have the most heartfelt sympathy of the entire community over their sudden and terrible bereavement. The funeral services occurred in the M. E. Church Monday afternoon, Rev. G. L. Wiley officiating. The large building was crowded to upmost with a sorrowing concourse of.relatives and friends. Afterwards the body was buried at Oakwood in the family plot.

Daily Gazette (Rockford, Illinois) 17 July 1883
Drowned while Bathing

Word has just been received from Oregon that Daniel Stonebraker, a young man 22 years old, was drowned while bathing in the Rock river, three miles above that city, Monday evening. He was attacked with cramps, and sunk before assistance could be rendered by his companions, of whom a number were in the water at the time. About two hours later the body was recovered and taken to his home.

Contributed by Jane Edson

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