Mount Morris, Ogle County, Illinois, July 5, 1906 No. 27

Interesting facts in Life of Daniel Zellers.

Daniel Zellers, whose death was noted last week, was an early settler of the county, and through his long residence in this vicinity of more than sixty years, had long been a familiar figure in our midst and was well known to large circle of friends. Mr. Zellers was of a jovial nature and was highly esteemed for many other admirable traits of character. Mr. Zellers was born in Washington County, Md., April 12, 1818. He grew to manhood in that county and was married March 30, 1843, to Mary Long. In the year after he was married, Mr. Zellers brought his wife to Illinois. They arrived in the month of August 1844, coming by team and at once located in the township of Rockvale. Upon their arrival, Mr. Zellers sole possession was a team of horses, one of which died in three weeks, a wagon, and 90 cents in money. Besides one child of their own they had taken three others to raise, the children of a sister of Mr. Zellers who had died and left them motherless. These three children grew to manhood and womanhood in the Zellers family. They were John W. Moats, now residing in Missouri; Henry Moats, of Mount Morris; and Eliza Moats Palmer, who is dead.

Although handicapped at the start, Mr. Zellers was not daunted, and by his industry and honesty soon found his way to better fortune. For six years he rented farms in Rockvale Township, but in about the year 1852 he bought his first property in the county, which consisted of 160 acres, in the Township of Mount Morris, which was under partial improvement. Here he spent most of the remainder of his life. Later he purchased more land in both this township and Rockvale and carried on his farming operations on an extensive scale. The home place, which cost him but $ 2,500, is now valued at $ 16,000. To Mr. and Mrs. Zellers, nine children were born, of whom five are now living. They are David, of Redfield, Iowa; Daniel, of Byron, Ill.; Martin, of this township; Mrs. Lewis Stine, Living on the old home place; and Mrs. Henry Rowe, of North Dakota. All were present at the funeral, which took place at Silver Creek Church on Wednesday of last week. There are now living twenty-five grandchildren. Uncle Dan was a faithful member of the Brethren Church, which he joined in 1843. He served many years as deacon in the church. In late years he took much interest in the work of the mission board of Northern Illinois and assisted them much, especially in the establishment of churches in Chicago and Sterling. At the time of his death, Mr. Zellers was aged 88 years, 2 months, and 13 days. Mrs. Zellers died in October, 1895. For about five years previous to her death, they lived retired in Mount Morris, spending their winters in Florida. After her death he continued to maintain his home in Mt. Morris up until the time of his death, but spent most of his time among his children.

(NOTE) GG Grandma died on Oct. 21, 1896 of heart disease. Daniel Zellers bought his first property in OCIL. in 1853, which is now the Croft farm in Section 12 of Mount Morris Township. GG Grandpa owned six farms in OCIL + 40 acres in Leaf River Township + 40 acres in Quinter County, KS. 160 in section 12; 480 in sections 2 and 11; 160 acres in section 10; additon acrage south of original property in section 12. He raised horses for the Government and farmed the lands, each child was managing these farms until around 1899 when section 10 was sold to Zumdahls and Uncle Dave moved to Iowa, the section 12 property was sold to G.G. Welty, and Great Grandpa Martin H. Zellers kept the North and South farms on Sections 2 & 11, which eventually were ran by Uncle Floyd, Uncle Wilbur and the other boys, Grandpa Carl E. "Speedy" Zellers got the south farm in 1954. Royal Zellers ran the North farm until 1989 when he passed away and the farm was sold. The south farm was sold in 1974 when Grandpa Zellers retired and moved to Mount Morris and also spent winters in Florida. Uncle Dan ran his farm in Byron Township until he died in 1920 then his boys took over the farm. The Stines bought a farm in Oregon Township somewhere and experiecned a home fire and lost everything. I think they moved to Mount Morris later.

David Lee Zellers
Youngest GG Grandson of Daniel Zellers

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