Fridley - Died near Mount Morris, Ogle County, Ill. Our dear brother David Fridley. He was born June 22, 1840, died October 2, 1899, 59 yrs., 3 mo. and 10 days. He was a faithful and devoted brother in Christ, and a kind husband. He leaves a kind companion to mourn her sad loss, which we believe is his eternal gain, and how truthful the language:

"I miss thee from my home, dear husband,
I miss thee from thy place,
A shadow o'er my life is cast,
I miss thry smiling face,
I miss thy kind and willing hands,
Thy fond and earnest care,
My home is dark without thee,
I miss thee everywhere"

Funeral improved from Heb. ix, 27, 28, by the Brethren amnd Elder D. Price from Mt. Morris, Ill. to a large and attentive congregation.

Vindicator, November 1899

Copied from "The Tie That Binds the Samuel Garber Family" - 2007, Linda A. Thompson, Modesto, CA

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