David was a Farmer and an Elder at Mt. Morris Church for 35 years. All the Price children were dead in 1951 except Harvey and Nancy.

Born near Waynesboro, Pa., Sept. 7; son Jacob and Susan Emmert PRICE; married Helen E. ROWLAND, of Ogle County, Ill., Nov. 25, 1853; ten children; married Elizabeth HICKS, 1899. They united with Church of Brethren, 1855; minister, 1859; elder, 1866--all this at West Branch. As a boy he felt he would be called to the ministry and desired to go to school. His father opposed schools but allowed David to go to Lititz Academy one year. Timid when first he began to preach, he lost all fear later. Put in charge of Silver Creek when organized in 1867, he continued so until 1902. Served Standing Committe nine times and was moderator of Conference three times. His sermons abounded in Bible passages well connected.

From Nancy Rowley - NRRowley@aol.com

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