WERTZ, DAVID, Farmer; Sec 33; PO Oregon; owns 225 acres of land, probable valuation $11,750; Mr. Wertz was born Dec. 14, 1819, in Quincy, Franklin Co., PA; was married Oct 26, 1848 to ELIZA E., daughter of JACOB FISHER, of Franklin Co., PA; Mrs. W was born Oct 28, 1828; Mr. W. came to Ogle County Nov, 1848; and moved to Beloit, WI in May, 1849, where he lived for one year, returning to Ogle County in May 1850, and settled in Rockvale, where he now resides; he had nine children, three of whom (Morris H, Eddie K, and Lelia B) are deceased; those living are- Cora F, Sarah A, George R, W. Washburne, D.A. Lincoln, and Freddie A.; Mr. W. and his brother Lewis, built the first flour-mill in Rockvale, in 1850, and also ran a sawmill in connection with it; he also invested in building the second flour mill that was run in Oregon, containing three sets of stone; he is agent for the estate of C. Burr Artz, of this township; is a Republican; was School Director for three years, and is now Road Commissioner; Mrs. Wertz a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

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