Edward Carlton Page--Though born in another country and giving his recent years to activities elsewhere, Edward Carlton Page may be called an Ogle County man. His mother, Hannah M. Chaney, came to this county in early girlhood and his father, John Page, was a resident here for several years. Left fatherless in infancy, Mr. Page came with his mother to the maternal home at Mt. Morris and there grew to manhood. He obtained his elementary education in the village school of his home town, and his secondary training and freshman college work at Mt. Morris College. Later, in the earlier years of his maturity, he taught two years in the rural schools of the county, and for nearly five years was Assistant County Superintendent of Schools.

Mr. Page was born in Belvidere, Ill., May 29, 1863, his father being Superintendent of Schools of that place at the time. On the death of his father, which occurred in October of the same year, the young son was taken to Mt. Morris to live. Besides the educational training referred to, he completed his college course at Northwestern University, graduating with the degree of A. B. in 1888. After his service as Assistant County Superintendent of Schools, he entered the University of Chicago and pursued post-graduate work for three years. In college and in the University he made a specialty of history and literature, particularly American history and literature.

While a graduate student at the University of Chicago, he was appointed a member of the faculty of that institution, and for a number of years gave instruction in American history and American literature. On the opening of the Northern Illinois State Normal School at DeKalb, in 1899, he was called to the chair of History and Geography, but after a time, the work in geography was made a separate department. Mr. Page remained in charge of the Department of History, and is now in his tenth year of useful service for the State. Besides his regular school duties, he has done much in the way of institute instructing, many of the counties of the State having sought his services. He was on the program of the Ogle County Institute for eight years in sucession. His teaching proclivities seem to be his by inheritance, as his father was a teacher of ability and of more than local fame, while his mother, also, gave a number of years to successful service in the school room.

Professor Page is a member, and has been an active participant in the proceedings, fo the National Educational Association, the Illinois State Teachers Association, the Northern Illinois Teachers Association, the American Historical Association, the North Central History Teachers Association, and the Illinois State Historical Society. He is also a member of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, the National Geographical Socity, and the Mississippi Valley Historical Association, and is one of the five members of the Advisory Commission which supervises the publication of the Illinois State Historical Library. He was one of the founders of the Y.M.C.A. at DeKalb, Ill., and besides the service rendered in connection with that organization, is an active worker in church, Sunday School, and Epworth League circles, especially in connection with the Methodist Church, of which he is a member.

In 1899, Mr. Page was united in marriage to Miss Janet Clive Gloss, of Evanston, Ill., daughter of the late Rev. Hamilton Gloss, once well known in Ogle County. At the time of her marriage, Miss Gloss was a teacher in St. Louis.

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