In Memoriam

Mrs. Eleanor Carter departed this life at the residence of her son, Mr. Thomas Carter, of North Byron, on Friday evening the 16th inst. The funeral services were held at the Middle Creek Church on Sabbath morning following, and were conducted by the pastor, Rev. J. S. Braddock. The sermon was founded on Ps. 73:26, "My heart and my flesh faileth; but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever." These words were a great comfort to the departed in her last hours, and were selected by her friends as the text for the sermon.

Mrs. Carter was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1808, and was, therefore, in her 75th year. She was a consistent member of the Episcopal Church for near half a century, and a widow nearly forty years. Of her three sons, two were lost at sea many years ago. The only surviving member of her family is her son Thomas, who, with his family, mourn the loss of an aged and excellent mother. Mrs. C. came to this country not quite one year since, to spend her last days with her son.

When asked how she could endure the loneliness of so long a widowhood and separation from all her family, she replied, "The Lord took me by the hand and led me right through." She bore her last suffering with great fortitude and patience, occasionally saying, "When shall I be at rest with my Savior." She has gained that longed-for rest, the blessed portion of our text.
"There is sweet peace forever more
At rest with those who've gone before."

Byron Express, March 23, 1883, p. 4

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Contributed by Bob Hutchins