Another heretofore happy home has been cast into gloom by the relentless hand of death. Mrs. Emma Montague, the beloved wife of Mr. John E. Montague, the well known dealer in grain, died yesterday morning at 7:30 o'clock, at her late residence on Avon Street. Mrs. Montague had been ailing for several weeks, her illness being of a character peculiar to married women, and about two weeks ago she received a fall and sustained severe injuries, which was the immediate cause of her death.

Mrs. Montague was a native of Worcester, Mass., from which place she removed with her parents several years ago to Byron, Ill., where, in 1878, she was united in marriage to Mr. John E. Montague. She came to Dubuque with her husband in 1876. (sic) She was the mother of one child - a daughter - who is now 3 years old. Mrs. Montague was a graduate of Notre Dame University, at South Bend, Ind., and was an accomplished and highly-cultured lady. The grief-stricken husband is nearly hearbroken at the loss of his beloved and amiable wife, and is sympathized with by all. The parents of the deceased lady reside at Byron, Ill. Mrs. Montague was a truly good and Christian lady and a devout member of the Catholic Church, to which religious faith she was a convert.

On Sunday morning at 9 o'clock, the remains of the loving wife and mother were laid away in the beautiful cemetery at Key West, but the fond memory will forever remain fresh in the minds of those who knew and loved her. (Dubuque Herald)

Byron Express, March 2, 1883, p. 5

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