ENOS JACOBS 1818-1890
OBITUARY - Enos Jacobs

Died. At his residence, four miles north of Adeline, Thursday, March 27, 1890, and buried in Adeline Cemetery, Sunday, March 30, Enos Jacobs. He was born in Alleghany County, Maryland, January 16, 1818, and died at the age of seventy-two years, two months and eleven days. He was married to Miss Rachel Barnes of the same county, May 10, 1840, living together in peace and happiness nearly a half century. In 1842 himself and wife and one child (F. G. Jacobs) emigrated to Ogle County, where he resided ever since, and some forty-five years of the time in the town of Maryland. The funeral services were held in the U.B. Church, Wm. Ellis of Baileyville, preached the funeral sermon. In the year 1851, nearly thirty-six years ago, he was baptized and joined a religious organization now known as the Christadelphians, and has been a consistent and worthy member since that time. By his continuous honest and upright conduct he gained the confidence, respect and esteem of his neighbors and acquaintances, and well earned the compliments of the Master, "Well done thou good and faithful servant." He leaves a wife and nine children to mourn his death.
We have known and been intimately acquainted with him nearly fifty years. He was a great Bible student, and a truthful man. On the 4th of December, 1854, he wrote the following letter, (which we publish) to the Editor of a monthly publication in New York City, styled The Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come.
Dear Brother Thomas - I am yet in pursuit of knowledge, in which pursuit I find more enjoyment and peace of mind than in all the pleasures and traditions of the world. I and my companion have recently been baptized into the "one hope, for which Paul declared he was bound in chains; and are striving to cultivate that disposition which so much abounded in Abraham. We have forsaken the world, in all its forms, as much as possible, according to the knowledge we have received; but its frowns and persecutions we cannot leave behind, knowing, however, that the truth must eventually prevail. We thank God and take courage, hoping that He will give us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. The truth in this place seems to be on the increase, but generally the non-professors appear to be the most accessible, such as have no parties to build up, but some who know the truth are slow to obey it, rather following policies and worldly pursuits than giving up all for Jesus. I send you ten dollars to appropriate in the truth as you think best.

Submitted by John Jacobs

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