Rochelle Newspaper, March 1877

Franklin Walters- We are called upon to chronicle the sudden death of one of the oldest settlers in this vicinity, a man who has been know familiarly here for upwards of a quarter of a century. Mr. Walters was born in Steuben County New York in 1819, and came to Illinois and located near the present city of Rochelle in about the year 1850. He has been the favored possesor of the most robust health and strength till sometime in the last year, since which time he has been ailing though not sufficiently to keep him indoors and force an acknowledgement of his impaired physical condition. About a week ago while returning home from a neighbor's afoot he became so exhausted that he was compelled to rest in the road till a team came along and helped him home, but there was no surrender yet and three days this week he was in Rochelle seeming to the casual observer unchanged in his iron like strength. But Friday morning he awoke to die. He did not intimate that he was more unwell than usual but asked that breakfast might be prepared and brought to his bed. A few moments after he became aware of his approaching dissolution. -- said to those around that he was "going" and in less than a half an hour after the first intimation of immediate danger he expired. Mr. Walters was a very active member of the Methodist Church, and a man of many noble qualities, now mourned by a wide circle of relatives and friends. The funeral will be held at the Methodist church of this city to-morrow at two o'clock (leaving the house at one), and the remains will be interred in Lawn Ridge.

Submitted by George Walters

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