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Rev. Frederick H. Sheets, Pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal Church at Oregon, was born at Mt. Morris, Ill., Dec. 25, 1859. He is the son of Col. B. F. and Alice (Hill) Sheets. The subject of our sketch was educated at Northwestern University, graduating there from in the class of 1882. He was admitted to preach the Gospel in the fall of 1883 at Oregon. At the earnest solicitation of the members of his congregation, he was again assigned to this Church, and again in the fall of 1885 he was reassigned to the same post at the most urgent request of the congregation. Mr. Sheets was married at Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 25, 1884, to Miss Mary A. Hill. Mrs. Sheets was born in Milwaukee, Wis., of Scotch parents. Mr. Sheets has disproved the truth of the old adage that says that "a prophet is never without honor except in his own country." His talent and good qualities are so well known and appreciated by his neighbors, who have known him from childhood, that he has been their unanimous choice for Pastor.

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