Henry Rinehart, was a native of Maryland, a farmer by occupation and married Mary Kretsinger in that State, and then settled on a farm in Fayette Co., Pa., and there lived and labored, with the good of their children at heart, until 1820, when they sold their interests in the Keystone State and moved to Washington Co., Md. In the latter State, near Hagerstown, he purchased another farm, and until 1845, was there a sturdy tiller of the soil. During that year he came to this county [Ogle Co. IL] with his family, and purchased a farm in Leaf River Township, with the firm determination of making it his home until his death, which resolution was fulfilled. On this place his wife also died, a few years previous to his demise. The olive branches were 11 in number, of whom the Samuel is the eldest; David lives in Polo; Josiah in Leaf River Township; Elizabeth married Isaiah Hiberger; Jonas lives in Linn Co., Iowa, and William in Rockford, Winnebago County, this State. Hiram and Jonas both served in the army, the former dying while in the service. The remaining children are deceased.

From Samuel Rhinehart bio: "Portrait and Biographical Album of Ogle Co., IL, Chapman Bros., Chicago, IL, 1886

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