HERBERT S. GARMAN-- Farmer, Maryland Township, Ogle County, Ill. All honor is due to the memory of the pioneers who left comfortable homes in the older portions of our country, and came to the western prairies to bring them under cultivation and fit them for the occupancy of farmers yet unborn. Among these sturdy pioneers in Ogle County, was Michael GARMAN, who came in 1838. His son Joel E. GARMAN was born in Lincoln Township, May 16, 1850, and married Elizabeth E. MEYERS. For a short time after their marriage they lived in Brookville Township. From there they removed to Lincoln Township, where they remained about ten years, then removed to Maryland Township, two miles and a half south-east of Adeline. Joel E. and Elizabeth E. (MEYERS) GARMAN had three children named as follows in the order of birth: EDWIN E.; HERBERT S.; and NETTIE V., The latter is the wife of Eugene AINSWORTH of Freeport, and a sketch of the life of Edwin E. GARMAN appears in this work. Herbert S. was born in Lincoln Township April 4, 1874, and there spent the first eight years of his life, but afterward removed with his parents to Maryland Township and there grew to manhood. He was educated in the public schools in the two townships mentioned, and from boyhood has given attention to farming and stock-breeding. He owns a farm 200 acres with good improvements, and is an extensive producer of Berkshire hogs and Red-Polled cattle. On December 20, 1897, Mr. GARMAN married in Maryland Township, Miss Alice L. COOLEY, who was born in that township, a daughter of the late George E. COOLEY. Her mother was Sophia C. BAKER. Her father died in Maryland Township September 9, 1905; Mr. GARMAN, so far as any man can do so, makes the vital interests of his community his own. He is especially interested in the local public schools and has six times been elected School Director for his district.

1909 Encyclopedia of Illinois and the History of Ogle County, Ill., Volume 2, by Munsell Publishing, Chicago, Ill. page 902

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