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First Meeting of “CaptainJoseph Ogle Chapter, NSDAR”
Held in Boyden Home

August 16, 2003 was the first meeting of the “organized”Captain Joseph Ogle Chapter, National Society Daughters of theAmerican Revolution since their organization date of July 07,2003. Twelve Organizing Members and one prospective Charter Memberof the newly organized Ogle County Chapter met in the home ofHostess Mrs. Courtney (Kimberly) Boyden of Byron, with Mrs. Thomas(Helen) Debnam, also of Byron, as co-hostess for this landmarkoccasion. Installation of the new chapter officers and organizingmembers will occur at the Organization Celebration Ceremony scheduledfor September 20, 2003 (1:30 p.m.) at the Prairie View Room, JarrettPrairie Center of Byron.

Ladies attending the August 16 meeting were: AndreaLape, Rockford; Lisa Marcinek, Chicago; Susan Stickler (2nd ViceRegent), Oregon; Connie Mongan (1st Vice Regent), Mount Morris;Sharon Ogle (Organizing Regent), Leaf River; Helen Debnam, Byron;Margaret Adams (President General’s Message), Byron; Kim Boyden(prospective Charter Member), Byron; Beth Simeone, (Librarian),Oregon; Deb Patterson (Chaplain), Polo; Louise Little (NationalDefense Chairman), Byron; Jessie Rushford (Flag of the UnitedStates Chairman), Oregon; and Lois Cline (Historian), Oregon.

Members of the new chapter unable to attend thisfirst meeting are: Genniel Anderson, Oregon; Mary Bacon (Registrar),Mount Morris; Kris Carter, Savoy; Sue Cramer, Peoria, AZ; TinaFruin, Chana; Mary Beth Gober (Good Citizen & American HistoryChairman), Polo; Ginger Greenfield, Oregon; Grace Grimm, Oregon;Beth Halfman (Treasurer), Rockford; Beth Hall, Oregon; Karen Hilliard(Corresponding Secretary), Davis Junction; Suzi Jackson, Byron;Ann Lantz (American Heritage/Conservation Chairman), Chana; AndeeLeather, Stillman Valley; Eve Leather, Stillman Valley; CarolMiller, Rockford; Chris Molck, Leaf River; Lucille Moser, Byron;Sally Norris, Polo; Kris Paris, Knoxville; Meegan Reidy, Crawfordsville,IN; Deborah Slager (Recording Secretary), Polo; and Rosalie andMary Weyrauch, both of Chicago. The new chapter has at this time,one associate member – Doris Vogel of Holcomb.

The membership has been busy scheduling programsfor the coming year and preparing for the festivities on September20 during their Celebration Ceremony of their chapter’s organization.Numerous invitations were printed, featuring the Captain JosephOgle Chapter “pin”, on the face of the invitation thatwas sent to National, State, District, and local Chapter DAR membersand also to state and local officials. A Chapter motto has beenchosen by membership and will be highlighted during the ceremony.

State functions and chapter programs for the comingyear are:
· September 11, 2003 “DAR Days” – Peoria BrandywineHoliday Inn, with the Captain Joseph Ogle Chapter as one of thethree host chapters.

· September 20, 2003 “Organization CelebrationCeremony” – Jarrett Prairie Center, Byron.

· October 11, 2003 “Underground RailroadQuilts” – Elaine Hanna of Stitches in Time, Conover Square,Oregon.

· October 18, 2003 “District II Meeting”- General John Stark Chapter, host chapter at Best Western, Dixon.

· November 08, 2003 “Veterans’ BingoParty” – Illinois Veterans Home – LaSalle.

· November 15, 2003 “Recovery &History of the Confederate Submarine, ‘The Hunley’, Stuart Klevenand his guest, Bill Dreiling “Metal Detector Hobbiest”- Sunderman Theater, Byron.

· December 20, 2003 Christmas Party &Cookie Exchange with “Music by the Fruin Children” -Ann Lantz & Tina Fruin Home – Chana.

· February 21, 2004 “Victorian Mourning”- Sharon Atkins – Kim Boyden Home, Byron.

· March 13, 2004 “Youth Awards Reception”Good Citizens and American History Essay Contest
Awards presented by Mary Beth Gober, Chairman. Program: Mr. &Mrs. Del Tedrick “Civil War Reenactors” – Bertolet Building,Leaf River.

· March 17 – 21, 2004 “Illinois StateConference” Radisson Hotel, Bloomington.

· April 17, 2004 “The Illinois Roomin Memorial Hall” – Mrs. Audrie Christensen, District IIDirector – Hostesses, Connie Mongan & Mary Bacon. Moose Club,Mount Morris.

· May 15, 2004 “Stand Tall, Stand Together,Stand Proud” – Illinois State Regent’s Visit – Mrs. JaneHooe. Luncheon with Elder William Brewster Chapter – ParkviewHome, Freeport.

· June 19, 2004 Special Chapter Outing -“Lunch with Pepino” – Simeone Home, Oregon.

Any woman interested in membership into the CaptainJoseph Ogle Chapter, NSDAR, is welcomed to contact Mary Bacon,Registrar (815/734-4722) or Sharon Ogle, Regent (815/234-8830)for membership application information. Works of the society pertainto “Historic Preservation, Promotion of Education, and PatrioticEndeavor”. The NSDAR is a lineal descent society and a prospectivemember must prove lineage to an ancestor who aided in achievingAmerican independence. Mary Bacon and Sharon Ogle are able toassist you in documenting your lineage – you may contact themat the above given telephone numbers. Further information maybe found at: www.dar.org

MEMBERS OF CAPTAIN JOSEPH OGLE CHAPTER, NSDAR attendtheir first meeting after their organization on July 07, 2003in the home of prospective charter member, Mrs. Courtney (Kimberly)Boyden with assisting hostess, Mrs. Thomas (Helen) Debnam, bothwomen residents of Byron. Seven of the thirteen members who wereguests in the Boyden home stand on the staircase of the Boydenhome which was built in the 1880s. TOP, left to right are: AndreaLape, Rockford, and sister, Lisa Marcinek of Chicago; Susan Strickler,Oregon; Connie Mongan, Mount Morris; and Sharon Ogle, Leaf River.FRONT, left to right: Co-host Helen Debnam, Byron; and MargaretAdams, also of Byron.

KIMBERLY BOYDEN, PROSPECTIVE ‘CHARTER’ MEMBER andhostess to the recently organized Captain Joseph Ogle Chapter,NSDAR, entertained “organizing members” in her 1880shome in Byron for a planning meeting for their Celebration Ceremony.Featured on the unique old staircase are: TOP, left to right -Kim Boyden, Byron; Beth Simeone, Oregon; and Deb Patterson ofPolo. FRONT, left to right – Louise Little, Byron and Lois Cline,Oregon. Present, but not in photo, Jessie Rushford of Oregon.The February Chapter meeting will take place in the Boyden homewhen the program will be “Victorian Mourning” presentedby Sharon Atkins, a friend of Mrs. Boyden.

Captain Joseph Ogle Chapter,NSDAR Officially Organized
July 7, 2003

Thirty-six women of the newly founded Captain JosephOgle Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolutionwere accepted as “Organizing Members” on July 7, 2003during Continental Congress in Washington, DC. Sharon NordmanOgle (Mrs. Jeffrey) is the Organizing Regent and wishes to congratulateeach of the women on their acceptance into the newly founded DARChapter located in Leaf River, IL. The Chapter will serve manyof the area towns and villages in the County.

The Chapter Officers for the Captain Joseph OgleChapter, NSDAR are as follows:

Organizing Regent – Sharon Ogle – Leaf River
Vice Regent – Connie Mongan – Mount Morris
Second Vice Regent – Susan Strickler – Oregon
Chaplain – Deborah Patterson – Polo
Recording Secretary – Deborah Slager – Polo
Corresponding Secretary – Karen Hilliard – Davis Junction
Treasurer – Elizabeth Halfman – Rockford
Registrar – Mary Bacon – Mount Morris
Historian – Lois Cline – Oregon
Librarian – Beth Simeone – Oregon

The Organizing Members will celebrate their founding on September 20 at the Jarrett Prairie Center, Prairie View Room,in Byron. The celebration ceremony will be an invitational eventwith National and State Officers; District Directors of IL StateOrganization; and all sister DAR Chapters invited to attend. OgleCounty officials, town mayors and presidents will also be includedon the guest list.

Many exciting and interesting events are being plannedby this new Chapter. One of which is a presentation by StuartKleven of Bensenville, IL, on the “Recovery and History ofthe Confederate Submarine, The Hunley”, scheduled for November15 in the Sunderman Theater, Byron High School. An “invitational”is planned for this event.

The Captain Joseph Ogle Chapter will be sponsoringthe DAR Good Citizens Awards to four area High School seniorsfor the graduating class of 2004 in Byron, Forrestville (LeafRiver & Forreston), Oregon/Mount Morris, and Polo school districts.The American History Essay Contest will also be sponsored forthe year of 2004 along with the Good Citizens Awards under thechairmanship of Mrs. Mary Beth Gober of Polo. The Awards Receptionfor the students will be in March at the Bertolet Building, LeafRiver. A full listing of the “programs and events” willappear in a later publication of this newspaper.

The Chapter will have a “Chapter Pin”available for purchase in mid August. The “Pin” wasdesigned by Organizing Member, Mary Bacon and HODAR (husband ofDAR) Deane Bacon of Mount Morris. Anyone wishing information onthis unique “Pin” and collectable item, may contact:Mary Bacon (815) 734-4722, Connie Mongan (815) 734-6932, or SharonOgle (815) 234-8830. The relief die-struck pin design is featuredin the drawing within this announcement – the physical measurementis 1-1/2″ x ¾” and is finished in an antiquegold with a purchase price of $8, not including shipping. The”Captain Joseph Ogle Chapter Pin” features an AmericanRevolution soldier with the date of organization inscribed onthe base. Captain Joseph Ogle was born 17 June 1737 in Maryland,great-grandson to the “emigrant Ogle”, John Ogle ofDelaware. Captain Ogle commanded a company of Virginia troopsduring the American Revolution, holding a commission as captainfrom Patrick Henry, then Governor of Virginia. After the AmericanRevolution the Captain came to Illinois from the neighborhoodof Wheeling, VA in 1785. He is said to have been the first Methodistin Illinois. Captain Joseph Ogle died 24 February 1821 in NewDesign, IL. It was suggested by Governor Thomas Ford that OgleCounty be named after Joseph Ogle in honor of his courage andcoolness in the siege of Fort Henry in the early days of the country’shistory. On January 16, 1836 the legislature formed, from a partof Joe Daviess, the county of Ogle, which at the time includedthe territory of the present county of Lee. The foundling Chapterlooks forward to carrying on the prestige, valor and Patriotismof its namesake, Captain Joseph Ogle!

The next regular Chapter meeting will be held inthe home of Mrs. Kim Boyden – 134 E. 4th Street – Byron at 9:30a.m. The group will continue work on the “planning”of their Celebration Ceremony.
Anyone woman interested in joining the Captain Joseph Ogle Chaptermay contact Registrar, Mary Bacon (815) 734-4722 or Regent, SharonOgle at (815) 234-8830.

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolutionhas named Sharon Nordman Ogle “Organizing Regent” ofa New Chapter in Ogle County. The New Chapter is working to organizewith the Illinois State Organizing Secretary and the Office ofthe Organizing Secretary General in Washington, DC. Followingin chronological order is a summary of planning meetings heldso far:

We would like to announce at this time that you are welcometo join us as an “Organizing Member”. We first haveto “organize” with the help of National and IL StateOrganization before we are a full-fledged Chapter. Those comingin to our group on the “ground floor” and early in theorganization will be known as “Organizing Members” andafter we are “organized” the members joining after thatfor the first year will be known as “Charter Members”.The “Organizing Members” will also be “CharterMembers”. If you would like to join the National Societyand be a member of our new Chapter we welcome you to contact me,Sharon at Mikkiana57@aol.com. If you are already a member and don’t have a local Chapter toattend, you may also contact me about membership. If you are writingto me via e-mail, please put in the subject box, NEW DAR CHAPTER,and I will give your mail preferential treatment.

The Chapter will include towns that are located in OgleCounty including Polo, Mount Morris, Oregon, Leaf River, Forreston,Byron, and Stillman Valley, but not excluding ladies in adjacentcommunities or counties. There are many ladies living in ruralareas that will be eligible for the NSDAR and are welcome to beinvolved with this new Chapter also. It is our intent to meetin different locations and/or communities where our members resideand is convenient for all membership.

If you would like to find out more about the National SocietyDaughters of the American Revolution you may search at: http://dar.org

Who is eligible for membership in DAR?

Any woman is eligible for membership who is no less than18 years of age and who can prove lineal blood descent from anancestor who aided in achieving American independence. She mustprovide documentation for each statement of birth, marriage anddeath.

Admission to membership in the NSDAR provides a unique opportunityto establish a family’s heritage and service to the nation

Any interested lady is urged to contact Sharon at Mikkiana57@aol.comor at her telephone number (815) 234-8830. She can also help youwith documentation of your application as she has been a Registrarof a NSDAR Chapter and is knowledgeable in this facet of the DAR.

Planning Meetings of the NewOrganizing DAR Chapter in Ogle County:

February 15, 2003:

The first “Planning Meeting” of the new “OrganizingChapter” NSDAR in Leaf River, Ogle County was held on February15, in Oregon at the Ruby Nash Museum at 10:00 AM with elevenladies present, including the Division II Director of Rockford.

Object of the meeting was to discuss and vote on three prospectivenames for the forthcoming Chapter and then send to National SocietyDaughters of the American Revolution, Office of the OrganizingSecretary General in Washington, DC. The Office of the OrganizingSecretary General will choose one of the three names, if one shouldbe acceptable, for the new Chapter to be known.

Ladies from Polo, Mount Morris, Rockford, Stillman Valley,Oregon, Chicago, and Leaf River were present for this first planningmeeting. Organizing Chapter Regent, Sharon Nordman Ogle, headedthe meeting with the assistance of Lois Carpenter Cline.

New Ogle Co. Organizing Chapter,NSDAR holds meeting in the Ella Chaney Room of the Ruby Nash Museumin Oregon, March 15 with 13 of its organizing members present.Pictured front row, L-R: Deborah Slager, Polo; Louise Little,Byron; and Mary Bacon, Mt. Morris. Back row, L-R: Deb Patterson,Polo; Susie Strickler, Oregon; Karen Hilliard, Davis Junction;Beth Halfman, Rockford; Ann Lantz, Chana; and Mary Beth Gober,Polo. Absent from photo, but attending the meeting, Helen Debham,Byron; Ginger Greenfield and Lois Cline, Oregon; and Sharon Ogle,Leaf River. (Photo by Sharon Nordman Ogle)

March 15, 2003:

The second “Planning Meeting”was held on March 15 again in the Ella Chaney Room of theRuby Nash Museum in Oregon with thirteen ladies present. The ladiesare awaiting word from Washington, DC verifying the name of theirnew organizing Chapter. As soon as the name is authorized, itwill be posted at this site.

April 26, 2003:

Twelve Organizing Members of the proposedOgle County Chapter, NSDAR met in the home of Hostess, Mrs. Tommy(Ann) Nordman Lantz on Saturday, April 26 for their third “planningmeeting” to further organize this foundling Chapter. TheElla Chaney Estate, “The Pines”, was prominent in the1800s and early to mid 1900s for it’s beauty and location. TheLantz couple has restored, remodeled, refurbished and “added-on”to the gracious old home still maintaining its’ loveliness. PaynesPoint “center” is located about one mile from the Lantzhome which was a thriving little community in the time frame statedabove. The “Point” was a settlement of Aaron Paine in1835. Settlers would signal from Dixon to Lighthouse Point toPaine’s Point. (Somewhere in “time” Paines was changedto Paynes). Further up what is now Brick Road which ran throughthe center of Paynes Point, once sat the Buckhorn Tavern (a three-storystone house) built by Captain Thomas Stinson (an ancestor of Mrs.Lantz) which was used as an inn during the early days when stagecoachtravelers going West would often stop for a respite as it waslocated on the C & I Trail. Captain Thomas Stinson was a 2ndgreat-grandson of Captain Caleb Page, a Patriot in the RevolutionaryWar. Captain Page is one of Mrs. Lantz’ Patriots for the NationalSociety Daughters of the American Revolution.

Ladies present for the third meetingof the Organizing Chapter: Mrs. Shawn (Elizabeth) Nordman Halfman,Rockford; Mrs. Neil (Diane) Wenck, and Mrs. Tommy (Ann) NordmanLantz, Chana; Mrs. Willard (Louise) Godfrey Nordman Little, Byron;Mrs. Howard (Lois) Carpenter Cline, Mrs. Walter (Genneil) CarpenterAnderson, Susan (Dirksen) Strickler, Mrs. Joseph (Beth) BakerSimeone, all of Oregon; Ms. Deborah Patterson, Polo; Mrs. Richard(Connie) Beard Mongan, Mount Morris; Mrs. Lawrence (Karen) FriskHilliard, Davis Junction; and the Organizing Regent, Mrs. Jeffrey(Sharon) Nordman Ogle, Leaf River. The group discussed upcomingdates (which will be posted below for anyone interested and wishingto join the Organizing Chapter) and the duties of the individualoffices within the Proposed Chapter. The offices have been tentativelyfilled and when the Chapter is “Organized” these officerswill be installed by the sitting Illinois State Regent at theCelebration Meeting in September.

Future Meeting Dates for theOrganizing Chapter and NSDAR are:

· June 11 – 9:30 AM DAR MiniTour for District I and II – Woodhull, IL
· June 21 Fourth Planning Meeting Organizing Chapter
· July 07 “Organizing Meeting”
· July 19 “State Officers Luncheon” – Springfield,Illini Country Club
· September 20 “Celebration Meeting”

Any lady over the age of 18 yearsis eligible for membership into this society that can prove lineagedescent from a person participating in some area of the RevolutionaryWar. If you are wishing information about the NSDAR and membershipapplication you may contact Mrs. Jeffrey (Sharon) Nordman Ogleof Leaf River at (815) 234-8830. There are more ladies presentlyworking on documentation for their lineage into the society. Sharonhas been a Registrar for a local NSDAR Chapter and will help andprepare the application papers for you. If there are any of theabove meetings that you would like to attend, please contact Mrs.Ogle for further information and also so the group could makeplans for your attendance. The “Organizing Membership”has expanded to over 32 and they very possibly would have to allowfor a larger meeting place. Any persons obtaining membership intothis “Organizing Chapter” after the “Organizing”date of July 7 will be a “Charter Member” within thefirst year of organization. This will be an historic event forOgle County to have a new NSDAR Chapter. Many existing Chaptersacross the United States of America were founded over one hundredyears ago.

(Historical references taken formthe 1976 History of Ogle County – Bicentennial Edition, and researchof NSDAR application papers.)
“The Pines” as it was known when Ella Chaney owned theLantz home is located on 7778 East Lindenwood Road.


Illinois State Officers of the NationalSociety Daughters of the American Revolution traveled to LeafRiver from Naperville, Pinckneyville, and Bloomington to meetwith the Organizing Membership of the prospective Chapter forthe “Preliminary Meeting” for a Salad Bouquet Luncheonon Saturday, May 31. Thirty members and guests gathered at theBertolet Building for the long awaited day since the inceptionof the prospective Chapter for a “get-acquainted period”between the State, District II and Chapter membership and to bepresent to sign the “Report of Organization of Chapter”in the presence of the Illinois State Regent, Mrs. Joyce (Lyle)Hinshaw of Bloomington.

On July 7 during the 112th ContinentalCongress of the NSDAR the organizing chapter of Leaf River willbe known as the “Captain Joseph Ogle Chapter” at whichtime they will be assigned their national chapter code and maystart the works of the NSDAR in the Ogle County area.

The Objectives of the Society of theNSDAR is “to perpetuate the memory and spirit of the menand women who achieved American Independence. To cherish, maintainand extend the institution of American Freedom, to foster truepatriotism and love of country and aid in securing for all mankindall the blessings of liberty.” The foundling Chapter willgo forth after their organization in July to extend these objectivesthroughout the county. Many towns and villages are representedthrough the membership of this group including Oregon, Mount Morris,Polo, Forreston, Leaf River, Stillman Valley, Davis Junction,Chana, Byron, Rockford and Chicago areas, plus many towns outsideof the state of Illinois.

Membership present for the “signing”of the Organizing Report were as follows: Margaret Franklin Adams,Alice “Genniel” Carptenter Anderson, Mary Svayko Bacon,Margaret “Lois” Carpenter Cline, Mary Elizabeth KanuppGober, Elizabeth Nordman Halfman, Karen Frisk Hilliard, Ann NordmanLantz, Andrea Johnston Lape, Louise Nordman Godfrey Little, LisaJohnston Marcinek, Carol Stevens Miller, Connie Beard Mongan,Sharon Nordman Ogle, Deborah Sue Patterson, Marian “Jessie”Nelson Rushford, LaVine Elizabeth Baker Simeone, Deborah KlawitterSlager, and Susan Dirksen Strickler.

Membership unable to attend the meetingwho will sign the report at a later date or who have sent theirsignature to the office of the Organizing Secretary General inWashington, DC are: Kris Garman Carter, Sue Frisk Cramer, HelenMcAffee Debnam, Tina Lantz Fruin, Ginger Marie Greenfield, GraceWhitehurst Grimm, Alice Elizabeth Anderson Hall, Suzanne OgleJackson, Andrea Elizabeth Leather, Eve Anderson Leather, ChristineOgle Molck, Helen Lucille Lewis McAffee Moser, Sally J. M. SchellNorris, Kristine Leather Paris, Meegan Weyrauch Reidy, Anne “Rosalie”Carpenter Weyrauch, and Mary Esther Weyrauch.

A number of women in the area areworking on their papers including Pat Franklin, Barbara Barnes,Diane Wenck and Kim Boyden. Sharon Ogle, Organizing Chapter Regentextends an invitation to any woman who would like informationabout the society to contact her at (815) 234-8830. Mrs. Ogleand the incoming Chapter Registrar, Mrs. Mary (Deane) Bacon willbe available to work with interested women on their documentationand membership application papers.

Mrs. Joyce Hinshaw (IL State Regent)spoke to the group on the aspects of the Daughters and challengesof the National Society. Mrs. Hinshaw presented the OrganizingChapter Regent, Mrs. Ogle, with a gavel and block for their Chapter- also given to the Chapter from Mrs. Hinshaw was the latest editionof the “Centennial History of the Illinois State OrganizationNational Society Daughters of the American Revolution, 1991″,”Official Procedure and Protocol of the NSDAR”, anda copy of “Biennial Proceedings of the 104th and 105th AnnualState Conferences”. A gift of the American Flag and the officialNational Society Daughters of the American Revolution Flag werepresented to Organizing Chapter Regent Mrs. Ogle by the IL StateOrganizing Secretary, Mrs. Martha (Clayton) Emling to be usedduring the Chapter Meetings. State and District officers who wereguests sitting at the head table for the luncheon with Mrs. Oglewere Mrs. Joyce Hinshaw (IL State Regent), Mrs. Martha Emling(IL State Organizing Secretary), Mrs. Patricia Stahler (IL StateRegistrar) and Mrs. Alice Uphouse (District II Director). Mrs.Audrie Christiansen (Incoming District II Director, effectivein July) and Mrs. Lois DeGarmo (Incoming Regent) of the ElderWilliam Brewster Chapter in Freeport were also guests of the OrganizingChapter.

The officers of the Captain JosephOgle, Organizing Chapter, are as follows:
v Regent – Sharon Nordman Ogle – Leaf River
v Vice Regent – Connie Mongan – Mount Morris
v 2nd Vice Regent – Susan Strickler – Oregon
v Chaplain – Deborah Patterson – Polo
v Recording Secretary – Deborah Slager – Polo
v Corresponding Secretary – Karen Hilliard – Davis Junction
v Treasurer – Elizabeth Halfman – Rockford
v Registrar – Mary Bacon – Mount Morris
v Historian – Lois Cline – Oregon
v Librarian – Beth Simeone – Oregon

A grateful appreciation is extendedto Mrs. Ann Lantz and Mrs. Karen Hilliard who presented a beautifulSalad Bouquet Luncheon for the festive day. Mrs. Connie Monganis also extended a special “thank you” for the lovely”settings” she created for the meeting. Mrs. And Mrs.Deane (Mary) Bacon designed the Chapter Pins which were votedupon of which one was chosen to be representative of the Chapter- this pin will be ordered and available to members and the publicsometime this summer. The Bacons did a tremendous job on the designand presentation of the Chapter Pin and the Chapter members applaudthem for their talents. The talents of a three generation family(Mrs. Carol Miller, Mrs. Lisa Marcinek, Mrs. Andrea Lape and herdaughter, Miss Sarah Malcomson) were shared when they led thesinging of the National Anthem. Miss Malcomson was the flutistaccompanist for the trio. The next scheduled “Board Meeting”(all Board Members and any interested organizing members are askedto attend) for the Organizing Chapter is June 21 – 9:30 AM inthe Bertolet Library – Leaf River, which will be discussion pertainingto the “Organization Meeting”. Sharon Ogle and BethHalfman hosting. The Library is located on South Main Street inLeaf River south of the school.

Submitted by: Sharon Nordman Ogle
Organizing Chapter Regent

Photo of Officers

IL STATE OFFICERS, IL DISTRICT IIDIRECTORS and ORGANIZING CAPTAIN JOSEPH OGLE CHAPTER OFFICERSof the NSDAR met at the Bertolet Building in Leaf River for PreliminaryMeeting on Saturday, May 31. Left to Right: Mrs. Audrie Christiansen(Incoming District II Director) Freeport; Mrs. Pauline Fry (PastIL State Chaplain & Rockford Chapter Honorary Regent) Rockford;Mrs. Connie Mongan (Vice Regent) Oregon; Mrs. Beth Halfman (Treasurer)Rockford; Mrs. Joyce Hinshaw (IL State Regent) Bloomington; Mrs.Deborah Slager (Recording Secretary) Polo; Mrs. Sharon Ogle (OrganizingChapter Regent) Leaf River; Deborah Patterson (Chaplain) Polo;Mrs. Patricia Stahler (IL State Registrar) Naperville; Mrs. MarthaEmling (IL State Organizing Secretary) Pinckneyville; Mrs. MaryBacon (Registrar) Mount Morris; Mrs. Alice Uphouse (District IIDirector) Rockford; Susan Strickler (2nd Vice Regent) Oregon;and Mrs. Beth Simeone (Librarian) Oregon. Mrs. Lois Cline (Historian)Oregon not in photo.

Photo of Members:

ORGANIZING MEMBERS and GUESTS PRESENTFOR THE PRELIMINARY MEETING held in Leaf River on May 31 in theBertolet Building are: Front Row: Mrs. Pat Franklin, Oregon; Mrs.Kim Boyden, Byron; Mrs. Genniel Anderson, Oregon: Mrs. Lois Cline,Oregon (Chapter Historian); Mrs. Jessie Rushford, Oregon; Mrs.Carol Miller, Rockford; Miss Sarah Malcomson, Rockford; Mrs. AndreaLape, Rockford; and Mrs. Lois DeGarmo, Freeport. Back Row: Mrs.Margaret Adams, Byron; Mrs. Mary Beth Gober, Polo; Mrs. Lisa Marcinek,Chicago. Also present but not appearing in picture: Mrs. LouiseLittle, Byron; Mrs. Diane Wenck, Chana; Mrs. Karen Hilliard, DavisJunction; and Mrs. Ann Lantz, Chana.


Sharon Nordman Ogle
1512 East Plum Hill Road
Leaf River, IL 61047-9400
(815) 234-8830

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