Ida Belle Hartman was born in DeKalb, Ill. and died in Paw Paw, Ill. on the 8th of June, 1886, at the age of 18 years, 5 months, and 9 days.
No one would have thought two years ago, that Ida would pass away at this early date. She was then strong, robust, hale, and healthy, the very promise of long life, these were her school days. Always in the lead in her classes. She loved to study.
Some two years ago she entered McKendree College in Lebanon Ill. and earned the highest honors in her studies and department.
It was there at the close of the college year, she took a severe cold, a pneumonia attack in her left lung, was very bad, had fever, chills and sweats for four or five weeks, got better and came home feeble and pale. The very best care and medical aid was given her, but all through the summer and fall, she did not seem to rally. In Nov. last she had severe hemorrhage. She recovered from this, was in hope that she would finally get well. Now during these months she was sewing at, and working fancy work, never complained of pain, required no special care, would play piano at times. Some four weeks before her last. She took no medicine of any kind, ate and slept well, but gradually declined. For the past two years she lived her life dedicated to Jesus, and more especially the three last months, she kept a diary, and in this perfect dedication, and resignation are recorded.
She was troubled with a hard cough, what she so much dreaded, some three weeks ago in the evening while coughing, stopped at once, and said, "I won't cough any more" and her countenance lighted up. I came in the room when she repeated. "Pa I won't cough any more" and it may seem strange, but she did not cough any more. It was a great rest to her, she had no chills or sweats for a year, her feet did not even get cold at any time, or swell. A few days she complained of being so tired, Sunday night was restless, a suffocating sensation, Monday was on her chair as usual, in the evening she said "Pa I won't breath so short to-night," and to our agreeable surprise, she slept nicely and rested all night. Tuesday morning at a good breakfast and at 11 A. M. the change came, she lay on the lounge, breathed hard, she was so calm, at 1 o'clock P. M. she turned on her left side, her hand by her head breathing quietly, eyes closed going to sleep. I said "Ida are you sleeping?" she answered "Yes." I asked Ida how is your mind now" she answered "Peaceful, Jesus is here" these were the last words she spoke, only in answer to another question "Ida are you almost asleep?" she answered "Yes" in the lowest whisper, and in two minutes she was asleep in Jesus as peacefully and secretly as a little babe.
Her remains were so kindly cared for by the dear friends of Paw Paw, and on Thursday at 7 o'clock A. M Rev. G. S. Sullivan, of Sandwich, Ill., gave such an appropriate and beautiful address. We then took her remains to Byron Ill. and laid them by the side of our daughter Eva.
At the grave was a large concourse of people. Rev. J. H. Thomas, (after prayer by Rev. J. Gibson) gave a very touching address, which was responded to by a profusion of tears.
"Be ye also ready." J. H.

Contributed by Bob Hutchins

Byron Express, June 18, 1886, p. 1

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