KEEDY- At the residence of his son-in-law Daniel Thomas, Tuesday, March 15th, 1881, Mr. Jacob Keedy aged 84 years, 5 months, and 17 days. On last Thursday we paid our last respects and performed the sad rites of burial to one we held most dear as an aged father, brother, friend, relative, and aged benefactor. Jacob Keedy was born near Rohrersville, Md., Nov. 22, 1796, married Susan Maysilles at Benevola, Md., Oct. 28th, 1819, united with the Church of Christ in 1835. In his younger days no task seemed too difficult for him. Being blessed with good health until within the last few years he had by Industry care and frugality, accummulated a good share of this world's goods. As a citizen loyal, he was faultless. True to all mankind as far as known. It may be said truthfully that he would forgive but not forgot a wrong. As a church member in most respects he was a model. Zealous, strong in the faith; liberal with his money, honest in his dealings, does any one know of a contract between himself and others which was not fulfilled on his part? Deceased moved from Md., to Ogle County, Ill., June 1869. He was the father of nine children, five of whom are living, and a large circle of grandchildren and great grandchildren who lived near by to comfort him in his long and severe sickness and suffering. Finally death with his cold icy hand came to the relief of this feeble frame and set the spirit free. A most welcome visitor was the Death Angel on his occasion. When the sands of life are run, bones ache with brittleness, muscles wasted and weary, then is it not, if prepared to go, a sweet and blessed thing to lie quietly down and breathe your life out calmly, peacefully, and without a struggle? Whether it is young or old, rich or poor, high or low, that are called from our midst, we are reminded.

"What is life but a vapor, soon it vanishes away, Life is but a dying taper, Oh my soul why wish to stay, Why not spread thy wings and fly, Straight to yonder world of joy."

David Lee Zellers
GGG Grandson of Jacob Keedy

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