On Saturday, August 29, 1908 at his home in East Polo, occurred the death of Jacob Line, who for the past forty-six years had been an honored resident of this city. Uncle Jake as he was known to many was a familiar and loved figure on our streets for these many years until four or five months ago when the infirmities of age compelled him to remain at home. Last May he attended a love feast on Saturday evening and greatly enjoyed the services. The following day he attended church services for the last time and no member of the family had been able to attend since that time on account of his illness.

Jacob S. Line was born in Washington County, Maryland, April 23, 1831, and died August 29, 1908, aged 77 years 4 months and 6 days. February 8, 1859 he was united in marriage to Ms. Louisa E. Emmert with whom he lived in loving companionship for nearly fifty years and who survives him. Mr. and Mrs. Line had no children of their own but they made a home for other children. Their niece, Miss. Bessie Miller, has lived with them for many years and has been as a tender and loving daughter to them and mourns for Mr. Line as she would for a father. They left their native state in 1862 and came to Illinois, settling in Buffalo Township where they have resided ever since. Mr. Line was of a family of seven children, all of whom have now passed to a better world.

Mr. Line united with the church of the Brethren in 1861. He was chosen as deacon in 1861 and served the church in that capacity for more than forty years. He was a truly good man. He loved his Lord and his church above everything else and when possible he was always found in his place on the Sabbath. In his religious faith he had high ideals, and as he was constantly striving to attain them, he felt most keenly his inability to gain the coveted prize. Jesus Christ was his standard of what a man’s life should be. Realizing the great gap between himself and his Master as in his attainments he sometimes expressed himself as fearing that … spirit to be accepted. He … unworthiness. His faith was strong, his hope was clear and his patience was perfect. His life purposes were grounded in the truth, his integrity was unimpeachable and his honesty was questioned by no man. In his home he was affectionate and thoughtful for the comfort and happiness of others.

For many weeks his death was expected, his work here was done and he was ready to answer to the call of his Master, but his going away has left a vacancy in the home, it has deprived the city of a noble and upright citizen and the church has lost a faithful and honored member.

Funeral services were held at the home Monday forenoon, Elder John Heckman officiating. Interment was in the Silver Creek Cemetery, four miles northeast of Mt. Morris.

Among those who were here from out of town to attend the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Emmert and daughter Ella, M. W. Emmert, Benjamin and Emmert Friedly of Mt. Morris; Mr. and Mrs. Truman Eckman and Mr. and Mrs. John Hoak of Lanark; Dr. and Mrs. Arnold of Freeport, and Miss Anna Hoffman of Morrison.

Contributed by Julie Bartimus (source unknown)

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