JOHN F. BOVEY--For the past thirty-eight years John F. BOVEY has occupied the same farm in Grand Detour Township, and the result of his labor is a property of eighty acres, well equipped with modern agricultural appliances, having a comfortable home and excellent general improvements. Mr. BOVEY is a man of quiet ambitions and thrifty habits and what he has is the result of patient toil and the ability to live within a modest income. His experiences has been enriched also by five years of mercantile life in Woosung, this State, but he is a natural farmer, and the fresh air and
outdoor exercise of the country have made a persistent appeal to his peace-loving nature. The oldest of a family of ten children, Mr. BOVEY was
born January 4, 1837 in Washington County, Md., coming with his parents to Ogle County in boyhood and was there reared on the farm in Pine Creek Township, taken up from the Government by his father. Quite early in life the chief burdens of the home place fell largely upon his shoulders. On January 12, 1860, he was married to Martha DUNLAP, a native of Pennsylvania, and daughter of Isaac DUNLAP. Of this union there were three children: NETTIE, the deceased wife of George ENGLE of Dixon Ill.; ELMER, who died in Grand Detour Township in 1884; and CHARLES. Mrs. BOVEY died on March 18, 1881, and on April 11, 1882, Mr. BOVEY married Emma YATES, born in Grand Detour Township September 9, 1855, a daughter of George and Adilla M. (CRANE) YATES, natives of Maryland and Ohio, respectively. There is one child of this union, FRANK W.. Until 1875 Mr. BOVEY continued to live on the old BOVEY homestead in Pine Creek Township, and then came to his present farm. For a short period he was engaged in merchadising, but otherwise his entire time has been devoted to farming. In both Pine Creek and Grand Detour Townships he has been prominent in politics, and has served as Justice of the Peace, Tax Collector, and Assessor, and invariably has promoted the well being of the people who have honored him with their votes. He is a liberal minded and progressive man, a consistent member of the Christian Church, and is widely known for his integrity, fairness and general dependability.

1909 Encyclopedia of Illinois, and History of Ogle Co., Vol. II, by Munsell Bros., Chicago, IL

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