JOHN ETNYRE-- a citizen of Ogle County, residing in the township of Pine Rock, where he located in 1839, was born in Smithsburg, Washington County, Maryland, March 8, 1819. His father, John Etnyre, was born in Hagerstown, Md., and married Catherine Christian. He was a carpenter by trade, and was a soldier of the war of 1812. On both side of the family he was descended from military renown, both grandsires having been soldiers of the War of the Revolution. The mother was born on the Schuylkill River, near the city of Philadelphia, in the year 1785. She was one of the patriotic women of the early period of this country, who have a permanent place in its annals through the services they performed in the times that tried men's souls. She could supply the place of a hand in the harvest-field if needed, and was a proficient at the spinning wheel, at which her aid was also in demand through the same struggle, and in which the men were dependent on the product of the labors of the women at home for clothing. She often received the defenders of the country at her fireside, and they always went out warmed and filled. She was also one of those devoted women who made bullets for the patriots. John Etnyre, the father of Mr. Etnyre of this narrative, was the first male adult that died in Ogle County. His demise occurred in 1839, in the year in which his family removed to the county. He was buried on the homestead farm, one mile west of the site of Oregon. He was born in 1785. Mr. Etnyre was married April 18, 1845, to Sophia E. Hornish. They are the parents of two children: John H., died in infancy; Sophia E., was born Feb. 10, 1849, and is now the wife of James L. Mumma, of Mt. Morris. The mother was the daughter of Jacob and Mary E. Hornish. The present wife of Mr. Etnyre is the daughter of William H. and Cynthia (Knox) Varner, who was born May 20, 1832, in Smithtown, Ind.. They have seven children: Elias F., born Oct. 12, 1852; Charles F., born Feb. 3, 1855; Clara C., born Oct. 6, 1856; William L., born Sept. 26, 1861; Hattie B., born Aug. 27, 1868; Winnie A., born April 25, 1871; Daniel E., born May 16, 1873. Elias F. is married to Belle Osborn. Their union in marriage took place in Sept. 1883; Clara C. , is the wife of Frank Andrew, and they were married Feb. 20, 1879; Elias F., married Allie Evey, and resides in Monroe City, Mo.. He is in the upholstery business. The marriage of the parents took place at Mt. Morris, and the witnesses to the ceremony were R.V. and I.N. Stroh, and the wife of the latter. The mother has been a member of the Methodist Church since she was 13 years of age. Mr. Etnyre is one of the prominent and well known citizens of Ogle County. He was appointed United States Marshall and acted in the capacity of that offical in summoning witnesses in a case of robbery of the United States mail, that was tried in Chicago in the course of the early history of the county. He was interested and active in the various enterprises that came up in the pioneer history of this section, and has been successful in most of his undertakings. He has operated as a teacher and as a merchant, and in other pursuits. Although he was not a participant in the actual services of the Civil War, he was a supporter of its issues and aided the families of those who risked fate of war in defense of their homes and property. Mr. Etnyre was unsparing in his expenditure of his own money in the avenue mentioned. Mr. Etnyre was formerly a member of the Lutheran Church. He is an adherent of the Republican party.

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