From the book, Brethren In Northern Illinois and Wisconsin:
page 181

Forney, John 1815-1895

Born in Somerset County, Pa., April 25; married Eva Horner; five children; married Elassanna Stahl; fourteen children. United Church of Brethren, 1833; minister, 1856; elder, 1870. Came to Polo, Ill., in the late fifties; to Fall City, Nebr., 1869. In 1873 he distributed food and clothing sent from Northern Illinois for Nebraska and Kansa sufferers. In 1846 he became interested in medicine, read medical books and long practiced medicine along with his preaching. For a time lived between Lanark and Brookville. Memorized great portions of the Bible, was a keen thinker and had a personality all his own both in the pulpit and out of it. Traveled and preached extensively in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri after leaving Illinois.

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