From a little paperback titled "Byron, Three Quarters of a Century" by E. S. Elliott, 1899. apparently self-published. It has a few bios, including John S. Kosier [along with his picture].

p. 34
John S. Kosier, of whom an excellent portrait appears elsewhere in this book, was born in Perry County, Pa., June 29, 1830. His ancestors formerly made their home in Wurtemburg, Germany, but were driven out by the French in the seventeenth century, and become [sic] pioneers of Berks county, Pa. He attended the common schools and is in all sense a self-made man. He learned the carpenter's trade and worked for a time in Pittsburgh and came to Illinois in 1852 and finally to Byron in 1853, at which place he has since resided. He was married to Mrs. Rebecca Bull in January 1859, and of this union two children were born, Charles B., is the surviving one. He was afterward married Dec. 27, 1859, to Miss Elizabeth Titus, of Rockford.

Mr. Kosier's early Byron home, along with a library and many valuable articles was destroyed by fire in 1890. With characteristic industry and perseverence he built the elegant house in which he now resides. He is a strong Republican in politics, was active in sending men to the front during the war and is one of the oldest contractors in the northern part of the State of Illinois. Numerous elevators, town halls and fine residences within a radius of twenty miles of Byron testify to his skill as a contractor and builder.

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