Thursday, October 23, 1902



John Zellers died Monday forenoon at the Insane Hospital at Elgin after several months of critical illness. Martin Zellers left for Elgin early Tuesday morning and returned with the remains to Leaf River at 4:35 P.M. The funeral will be held this afternoon (Wednesday) at Silver Creek and burial in the adjoining cemetery. The deceased was born on the old Zellers homestead near Leaf River, now occupied by W.L. Stine, and spent his entire life there except the last few weeks when he was receiving treatment at the asylum at Elgin. He was born March 22, 1850, and was aged 52 years, 6 months, and 28 days at death, during his third year the deceased became subject to fits and during the remainder of his life was effected by them. For many years past he was taken care of by his sister, Mrs. Stine. The deceased is survived by an aged father and five brothers and sisters, Uncle Daniel Zellers, the father, has been visiting at Adel, Iowa, but arrived Wednesday morning to attend the funeral. The sisters are Mrs. Henry Rowe of Adel, Iowa, and Mrs. W.L. Stine; the brothers are Daniel of near Byron, David of Dallas County, Iowa, and Martin, living north of Mount Morris.

NOTE: Uncle John suffered from Epilepsy (GRAND MAL) at that time they didn't know what it was until later on, and he was diagnosed as insane by the disease.

Contributed by David Lee Zellers, Youngest Great Grandson of Martin H. Zellers

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