Jonathan "Jonas" LONG (Senior) 1811 - ??

Jonathan LONG, (Sr.) was born about 1811 in Pennsylvania. His parents and ancestors are unknown at this time. Jonathan was married to Catharine ADAMS, daughter of William and Carroline ADAMS, also of Pennsylvania. The 1850 federal census recorded the Jonathan Long (Sr.) family residing in Selinsgrove, Penns Township, Union County, Pennsylvania. Jonathan was listed as 39 years old and his wife, Catharine Adams, was listed as 43 years old in this 1850 census.
Selinsgrove is in present day Snyder County, PA. Snyder County was formed from Union County in 1855. Union County was formed from Northumberland County by the Act of March 22, 1813.
There was a LONG family in Union County, PA since 1814, residing on the east side (the Union County side) of Penns Creek. Penns Creek divides Snyder County and Union County. The LONGs of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania seem to have located west of Penns Creek, on the Snyder County side.
Six children were listed as residing in the home of Jonathan and Catharine Long in the 1850 census of Union County, PA: Samuel (age 15), Catharine C.(age 14), Sarah (age 12), John A.(age 11), William A.(age 9), and Jonathan A. (age 7).
After the 1850 Census, Jonathan Long (Sr.) moved his family to Illinois. Pennsylvania families were not able to divide enough of their land to sons and daughters due to the scarcity of land in their own state. Many Pennsylvanians moved "out West" to Stephenson, Ogle, and Carroll counties of Illinois.
The early Pennsylvania settlers built their homes in the forests of Illinois as they did in the wooded areas of Pennsylvania. At first, these settlers were not impressed with the large Illinois prairies. Land that would not grow a tree could have no practical value to a farmer. However, John Deere of Grand Detour, Ogle County, Illinois changed all that with the invention of his steel plow. Soon, the prairie's fertile soil produced envious crops and word spread throughout Pennsylvania.
It is not known exactly when Jonathan Long and his family arrived in Illinois. On March 31, 1856, Jonathan Long (Sr.) purchased forty (40) acres of land, "more or less", from John F. SOLSER in Carroll County, Illinois. Jonathan paid $300 which put the land at about $7.50 an acre.
No information on Catharine (Adams) Long has been found after 1850. It is possible that she died while in Pennsylvania or perhaps she died in Illinois. It is also unknown what happened to their oldest son, Samuel LONG. The date and location of Jonathan Long Sr.'s death is also unknown at this time.
A "Jonas Long" is found residing in Carroll County, IL during the 1860 census. Also residing in this household is a young woman named "Catharine". During this same census, residing in Mt. Carroll Village, is a "William Long". This "William Long" is believed to be Jonathan's son.
Three of Jonathan's sons fought in the Civil War. John and William LONG served with Company "H", 15th Illinois Infantry. The 15th Illinois was recruited out of Ogle County. John and William Long saw action at the Battle of Shiloh, where William was wounded. In 1865, John and William Long were reassigned to Company "K", 15th Illinois. John A. Long became "Captain Long", Commanding Officer of Company K. William Long became the First Sergeant of Company K. Jonathan Long (Jr.) took part in the Civil War as a private in Company "F" of the 92nd Illinois Mounted Infantry Volunteers. The "old 92nd" was recruited out of Stephenson County, IL.
Jonathan Long (Sr.) is found in the 1870 census residing in Brookville Township, Ogle County, Illinois. He is listed as 58 years old, a farmer, and having property valued at $1,000. Residing with him in this household is:
his youngest son - Jonathan Long (Jr.); daughter - Catharine; Catharine's husband - Peter Harrison COBLE (spelled "Covill" in the census); Catharine's children: Hannah, Joseph, and Ida.
An article was found in the Forreston Herald, dated Thursday, January 9, 1879:
"The residence of John Long, of Brookville, was wholly destroyed by fire on last Friday morning. The first intimation the family had of anything out of the way was the discovery of flames rolling out of the roof of the house. Efforts were made to quench the fire but they were vain, and it was with great difficulty that the furniture in the lower rooms was moved. The entire wardrobe of the family with perhaps one or two exceptions was destroyed. The citizens of Brookville, with commendable generosity are circulating a subscription paper to get funds to build the unfortunate man another house."

It is conjecture that this "John Long" was Jonathan Long (Sr.) or his son, John A. Long.
The following death, #304, was registered in Carroll County, Illinois in 1880:
"John Long, age 67, Laborer, Widower, died December 16, 1880. He was buried December 18, 1880 at Mt. Carroll, Carroll County, IL."
It is only conjecture that this is Jonathan Long, Sr.

Mr. Layne A. Holley
Bartonville, IL

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