Jonathan A. LONG 1842-1916

Jonathan A. LONG was the father of James Garfield LONG. Garfield Long (1879-1947) was a farmer and long-time resident of Pine Creek Township, Ogle County, Illinois. Jonathan A. Long was born September 25, 1842 in Selinsgrove, Penns Township, Union County, Pennsylvania. Selinsgrove is part of present-day Snyder County, PA.
Jonathan A. Long was the son of Jonathan LONG and Catharine ADAMS, both natives of Pennsylvania and of French/German descent (based on the account of Jonathan's 's brother, William A. Long, as recorded in William Long's biographical sketch, Memorial and Biographical Record, Compendium of Biography - South Dakota, published by Geo. a. Ogle & Co., 1897).
Jonathan A. Long is found in the 1850 Census, Penns Township, Union County, Pennsylvania, residing in the home of his parents. He was listed as the sixth child of Jonathan and Catharine Long.
Sometime after this 1850 Census, the Long family migrated to Illinois. In 1856 Jonathan's father purchased forty (40) acres of land in Carroll County, Illinois.
In 1862 Jonathan A. Long listed Loran, Stephenson County, Illinois as the nearest Post Office when he enlisted to fight in the Civil War. Jonathan listed Shannon, Carroll County, Illinois as his place of residence. On August 6, 1862, Jonathan became "Private Long" of Company "F", 92nd Illinois Mounted Infantry Volunteers. Jonathan enlisted for three years. The 92nd Regiment was mustered into service on September 4, 1862 at Camp Fuller in Rockford, Illinois. Organized and trained at Camp Fuller, the 92nd was composed of ten Companies; five from Ogle County, three from Stephenson County, and two from Carroll County.
After service for one year, in 1863, the 92nd Regiment was attached to the famous Wilder's Lightning Brigade. Several of the Companies were issued the new Spencer repeating rifle (this included Company "F"). The "old 92nd" saw action in several engagements and fought bravely at the battle of Chickamauga. Company F was one of the first Union forces, since the Civil War began, to enter Chattanooga, Tennessee. According to regimental history, Company F raised the "Stars and Stripes" over the Crutchfield House (a popular hotel in Chatanooga). Jonathan A. Long was mustered out of the service on June 21, 1865 at Concord, North Carolina.
During the 1870 Census, Jonathan A. Long resided in the household of his father in Brookville Township, Ogle County, Illinois. Jonathan was listed as 23 years old and working as a farm hand. Also residing in this household was Jonathan's sister, Catharine (1835-1872), and her husband Peter Harrison COBLE (1843-1894). The census enumerator spelled Peter's surname as "COVILL". Three years later, Jonathan would marry Peter's sister.
On May 15, 1873, Jonathan A. Long married Lydia "Liddie" Ann COBLE in Oregon, Ogle County, Illinois. The ceremony was conducted by James PETTEGREW (J.P.). Lydia Coble's parents were Isaac KOBEL and Sally/Sarah WELKER from Sunbury, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Albert WOODCOCK, Ogle County Clerk, recorded the marriage. Captain Albert Woodcock was the Commanding Officer of Company "K", 92nd Illinois Mounted Infantry Volunteers.
According to his military pension papers, Jonathan and Lydia had five (5) children: Katy Elnora, Maylon Ralph, James Garfield, Clyde, and Lettie Viola.
According to his military pension papers, "General Affidavit" dated April 18, 1890, Jonathan resided in the following places: Shannon, Carroll County, IL, 1865-1868; Lanark, Carroll County, IL, 1868-1873; Elkhorn Grove, Carroll County, IL, 1873-1878; Pine Creek Township, Ogle County, IL, 1878-1890.
In the 1880 Census, Jonathan & Lydia Long were residing in Eagle Point Township, Ogle County, Illinois. Jonathan Long was listed as a "Laborer". Listed in this household were two children: Isaac E. (Elmer LOWER) - age 9 and Mahlon (Ralph) - age 3. James Garfield Long was born in 1879 but is not mentioned in this census.
Found in the files of the Circuit Clerk's office, Ogle County, Illinois, Lydia Coble filed for divorce against Jonathan Long in December of 1891. Both Jonathan and Lydia remarried in 1892.
On October 17, 1892 Jonathan Long married Fannie Mack Townsley DEHANEY (1844-1896) in Pine Creek Township, Ogle County, Illinois. Fannie was the daughter of William MACK and Sarah STRAIT (Straight) of Von Steuben County, New York. Witnesses to the marriage were Jesse and Mary MORRISON. In 1892, Lydia Coble Long married Thomas MORRISON of Pine Creek Township, Ogle County, Illinois.
In the 1900 Census of Pine Creek Township, Ogle County, Illinois, Jonathan Long was a "Boarder", residing in the household of George and Mary ENGLISH. Jonathan was listed as being 54 years old and widowed.
In the 1910 Census of Pine Creek Township, Ogle County, Illinois, Jonathan was residing with his son, Ralph Long.
During the years after the Civil War, Jonathan A. Long persistently applied to the Bureau of Pensions, proclaiming permanent injuries as a result of his service in Danville, Kentucky. The following individuals were instrumental in verifying Jonathan's claims: Egbert T.E. BECKER, Thomas D. DAVIS, James HODGES, Thomas WINSTON, M.D., James M. WORK, John SWIFT, Morton D. SWIFT, George ROSSITER, William ROSSITER, Benjamin REED, M. HUFT, Silas FREY, John R. ROGERS, Valentine A. PAUL, Daniel PENTICOFF, H, WALES, Jr., and Millard F. FUNK.
Jonathan A. Long died January 15, 1916. The following article was taken from The Ogle County Republican, Thursday, January 20, 1916: "Coroner Akins was called to Pine Creek Sunday to hold an inquest over the body of Jonathan Long, who resided at the home of Thomas Morrison, near the Zack Newcomer farm. Mr. Long was found lifeless in the wood shed where he had been working."
The Ogle County Reporter, Wednesday, January 26, 1916, recorded the same event: "Fell Dead Carrying Wood - Coroner Akins was called to Pine Creek township Sunday, January 16 to hold an inquest over the body of Jonathan Long, aged 73, who died suddenly while carrying wood into the woodhouse. He resided with Thomas Morrison. The funeral was held Tuesday of last week at the Pine Creek Dunkard church." (note: Thomas Morrison was Lydia Coble Long's second husband).
The following is the result of the Coroner's Inquest, Verdict of the Jury #363a, held at Pine Creek Township on the 16th of January, A.D. 1916: "In the matter of the inquisition on the body of Jonathan Long, Pine Creek Township, deceased, held at the home of Thomas Morrison on the 16 day of Jan. A.D. 1916. We the undersigned jurors, sworn to inquire of the death of Jonathan Long, on oath do find that he came to his death from neuralgia of the heart, death taking place at the home of Thomas Morrison in Pine Creek Township, Sat., Jan. 15 - 1916 at about 5:15 P.M.; Aged 73 yrs, 3 mos, 20 days; Sex, Male; Height - 5 ft 9 in; Complexion - Fair; Color of Eyes - Gray; Color of Hair - Gray; Jurors: Elmer Nettz - Foreman, S.L. Myers, Thomas Morrison, Robert Huntly, Ralph Long, S.B. Nettz, James Warner, Isaac Baker, J.C. Akins - Coroner."
Jonathan A. LONG was buried in the Pine Creek Brethren Cemetery (Dunkard's), Pine Creek Township, Ogle County, Illinois.

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