Joseph Bradley Hutchins was born in the city of Hudson, New York, April 15, 1797, and died in Marion (Twp. Ogle Co.), Ill., Jan. 29, 1887, aged 89 years, 9 months and 14 days.

He was married to Martha Wallace Dorrence, July 3, 1825. He moved to McHenry Co. in 1837 making him one of the pioneers of northern Illinois. His doors were ever open to the itinerant preacher, and before churches or school houses were erected, meetings were held at his house. He was a consciencious Christian, and examplary in his life. For several years he has been quite a helpless invalid, but has manifested great patience and a happy disposition, that gave proof of the reality of his Christian character. His daughter, Mrs. Wm. Osborn, has taken care of him during these years, and much credit is due her for the tender sympathy and watchful care given to him, thus making his years of helplessness, peaceful and happy. He leaves four children to mourn their loss, two sons and two daughters, with many other relatives and friends.

Byron Express, February 4, 1887, p. 1

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Contributed by Bob Hutchins