JOSEPH WAGNER-- Prominent among the successful farmers of Leaf River Township is the subject of this notice. He resides on section 35 and was born in Washington County, Maryland, Sept. 21, 1826, of parents by name Henry and Elizabeth WAGNER. His father and mother were likewise born in Washington County. The father of our subject was an early pioneer of this county. He grew to manhood in his native county, was married to Elizabeth HOOVER, and located on a farm owned by his father in that State. Residing in Maryland until 1838, he then sold his interests there and with his wife and children came to Illinois. There were six children in the family at that time, and with six horses and two wagons the family made a start for the uncultivated prarie land of Ogle County, of which they had heard such glowing accounts. They went to Wheeling, W. Va., with their teams, and from the latter point, by steamer, down the Ohio, thence up the Mississippi to St. Louis, and from that city up the Illinois River to Peoria. Arriving at the latter place they unloaded, hitched up their teams, and with their worldly possessions in their wagons, came overland to this county. Arriving here they located in what was then known as Phelp's Grove. The family lived in their wagons for several weeks, until a log cabin had been erected on what is now section 35, Leaf River Township, where the father had made claim. Into this log cabin the family moved, and all did their part toward the improvement and cultivation of the place. It must be recollected by the reader that at the time Mr. WAGNER made his settlement in Leaf River Township, the county was but sparsely settled, and the trials incident to making a home in this wild country were many, indeed. The nearest market was Chicago, 100 miles away, and thither they were compelled to go for their supplies. It is unneccessary in this biographical notice for us to enumerate the hardships through which Henry WAGNER passed, in making his early settlement in Leaf River Township, for a lrage majority of the trials, hardshops and privations are enumerated in another in another part of this work. He lived in his log cabin, worked faithfully to improve his land and was a resident on the section on which he first made settlement until his death. The subject of this notice is the third child in order of birth of his parents family. He was 10 years old when they came to this county, and here resided, worked on the farm and attended the public schools and developed into manhood. He was married Mar. 10, 1859, to Miss Susan GEARHART, a native of Washington County, Maryland, and a daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth GEARHART, both natives of the same county, and both lived and died in the neighborhood where they were born. After their marriage they continued to reside on the old homestead, of which at the present time our subject is propietor. The farm contains 240 acres, all inclosed, and our subject has the major portion of it in a high state of cultivation. In his chosen vocation, which he has followed all his life, he is meeting with that success which is the reward of energetic effort and honest toil. Of their union seven children have been born: Rosa B. is the wife of A. DIEHL, a resident of Leaf River Township; Mary E. married Millard THOMAS, also a resident of Leaf River; Daniel G.; Clara E.; Samuel A.; Edith K.; and Willie F., are residing at home. Mr. and Mrs. WAGNER are members of the Christian Church. In politics he votes with the Republican Party.

Page 678 --1886 Ogle Biographical Album of Ogle County, by Chapman Bros, Chicago, IL.

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