1909 - Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Ogle County Munsell Publishing Co., Chicago, 1909 p. 944-945

LEWIS F. KRETSINGER--Postmaster of Egan City, Ill., and proprietor of the Maple Leaf Farm, Leaf River Township. Not so many decades ago but that the time is well remembered by men of middle age, the line between farmers and business men was so sharply drawn that one seldom met a parcel farmer who was a business man, or with a business man who had ever learned anything about farming without his coat on. The distinction is rapidly disappearing. In many parts of the country important business enterprises are being organized by farmers and made successful by farmers' brains and farmers' money. The career of Lewis F. Kretsinger, of Leaf River Township and Egan City, Ill., well illustrates this fact. Mr. Kretsinger's activities are scarcely fully scheduled in the statement that he owns and operates the Maple Leaf Farm, is Postmaster at Egan City, is a Director and Treasurer of the Farmers' Creamery Company at Egan City, and Director and Treasurer of the Ogle County Elevator Company, at Egan City.

Mr. Kretsinger was born in Leaf River Township, Ogle County, September 11, 1852, the fourth in order of birth of the ten children of Lewis and Caroline (Zigler) Kretsinger. His father was a Virginian, and his mother a native of Washington County, Md. The emigrated to Ogle County and there married, and it was in Leaf River Township that Mr. Kretsinger entered upon a prosperous career as a farmer, developing a fine farm, upon which he lived until his retirement from active life. He passed his declining years at Leaf River village, where he died in 1889, in his sixty seventh year. His widow still survives, having reached and advanced age.

It was on his father's farm that Mr. Kretsinger got his good knowledge of farming that has served him well through life. Between the intervals of his work in the fields, he attended the common schools as opportunity offered, and thus obtained a good English education. Farming, however, was his chief business until 1904. Maple Leaf Farm contains 104 acres of well improved land, and its building and accessories are better than those of numerous other farms in its vicinity. Since 1894, Mr. Kretsinger has from time to time, identified himself with various business interests, some of which have been mentioned. He is a member of the firm of Kretsinger Brothers, dealers in hardware, lumber and coal at Egan City, the partners in which are L. F. [Lewis Franklin], M. E [Milton Eldridge]. and D. E. [David Edward] Kretsinger. Since 1889, when that enterprise was started, be has been connected with the Ogle County Elevator. He was appointed Postmaster at Egan City in 1896, and bas held the office continuously to the present time. In his political alliances he is a Republican and in the public affairs of his village and township his interest is steadfast and helpful. He has been a member of the Leaf River Township Republican Committee, and has held the office of School Director for many years. Both he and Mrs. Kretsinger are active members of the United Brethren Church.

On December 20, 1877, Mr. Kretsinger married Miss Margaret Ellen Speaker, who was born in Ridott township, Stephenson County, March 31, 1857, a daughter of William and Mary Speaker, both of whom are deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Kretsinger have had born to them four Children: George O., Clarence M., Daisy E. and Burton Ray.

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