Mrs. Joshua White

It is well-known that Mrs. Joshua White has been very sick at Ellendale, Dak., and for some time it has been feared that she could not recover. As it was her earnest desire to reach home if possible, they decided to move her, and accordingly started from Ellendale, at three o’clock on Monday afternoon, having a car fitted for the purpose. She stood the first part of the journey quite well, but in a few hours sank rapidly and at two o’clock the next morning, on the 68th anniversary of her birth, passed away. The remains were brought home on Wednesday and the funeral services were held on Thursday afternoon at two o’clock, in the Congregational Church. We all feel that we have lost a very dear friend. Mrs. White was a most estimable Christian, always abounding in the work of the Lord. The bereaved family have the entire community’s deepest sympathy.

Rockford, Ill., Oct. 13--A telegram from Millbank, Dak., this morning announces the death of the wife of Hon. Joshua White, of S. V. She was taken ill while west, and was on her way home in a special Pullman car, attended by a physician and friends. The White family is one of the most prominent in Ogle County socially, politically and financially. Mr. White served some time in the legislature. The deceased was the mother of Mrs. Ald. Brown of Rockford.

Byron Express, October 16, 1885, p. 1

Contributed by Bob Hutchins

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