MARTIN BEARD, (deceased), one of the worthiest and most highly esteemed of the pioneer settlers of Ogle County, Ill., was born in Washington Co., Md., November 25, 1830, a son of David and Christina BEARD, who came from that State to Illinois in the spring of 1848, and after spemding two years in Lee County thence removed to Mount Morris Township, Ogle Co., where the father died. About the year 1850, Martin BEARD located on the farm of 120 acres which was his home for nearly three score years. He built a log house and, later, a grocery store. The old home with all its contents was destroyed by fire in 1900. The whole family was reared there, and Martin BEARD was the sole survivor of four children, of whom three were sons. John, one of the brothers, died February 22, 1899; David died from wounds received in Sherman's March to the sea; Mary married Asop MORRIS, located near Stillman Valley, Ill., and died at the home of her son Clinton, near Rockford. The mother of this family died on the old homestead in her eighty-fifth year. In youth Martin BEARD attended Rock River Seminary, and at an early period became the head of the household, adding, in course of time, to the extent of the paternal estate on which he followed farming for many years. He was the last survivor of the pioneer settlers of Silver Creek, his boyhood friends, David WAGNER, Reuben MARSHALL and Howard WAUGH, having passed away before him. He was a man of frail appearance, and it was a matter of surprise to all who knew him that his intense vitality sustained his existence so long. Politically, he was a firm Republican and creditablity filled many local offices. In religion, he leaned towrd the Adentist faith. He died September 29, 1907, and was buried in Silver Creek Cemetery. The widow of Martin BEARD, whose maiden name was Elizabeth BAUBY, still survives, and was born near Erie, Pa., and when six years old, came to Rockvale Township, Ogle County, where she grew to womanhood. Of the three children resulting from this union of Martin BEARD and Elizabeth BAUBY, one of the daughters, Elsie married Cyrus CAMLING, and died March 9, 1907, in her thirty-sixth year; the other, Charlotte, died in childhood; and David, the son, was born on the old homestead September 28, 1869, and received his education in Oregon, Ogle Co., Ill., taking charge of the home property, on leaving school. He has continued to live there ever since, and has increased the extent of the place, which is known as the "Silver Creek Stock Farm", until it contains 380 acres. He is a breeder of Shorthorn cattle and Chester-White hogs, also feeding many head of stock. His undertakings have indicated an enterprising and progressive spirit and sagacious management, and have been very successful, gaining for him the reputation of one of the most substanial farmers and stock raisers of his locality. On October 3, 1900, David BEARD was married to Clara WILKE, of West Bend, Washington County, Wis., where she was born and reaered. Two children have resulted from this union,-- Carl Martin BEARD, born June 23, 1903; and Aaron Leslie BEARD, born June 24, 1906. In politics, David BEARD is a supporter of the Republican Party. His wife is consistent member of the Lutheran Church.

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