MARTIN LIGHT--Ex-supervisor of Leaf River Township, and proprietor of Elmwood Farm, Ogle County, Ill. There are in this township a number of
well-to-do men of middle age who were born here, have practically passed their lives here and who have been so successful in every way that, as one
of them has expressed the idea, "it is a good enough place for them," These men have grown up as neighbors and friends, and many are highly esteemed throughout the county. Conpicuous among this class is the progressive farmer and stockman whose name appears above. Martin LIGHT, was born in Leaf River Township, May 23, 1847, a son of John and Catherine (SCHUCKER) LIGHT. John LIGHT was born in Lebanon County, Pa., and came to Ogle County in 1837. Catherine SCHUCKER was born in Schuylkill County, Pa., and came to Illinois some years later than her husband. They married in Ogle County in 1845 and settled in Leaf River Township, where they passed the remainder of their lives. He died April 18, 1901, in his eighty-ninth year, and she on May 4, 1907, in her eighty-third year. Mr. LIGHT kept a country store at Lightsville and was the first Postmaster there, the post office having been known as Wales. His interest in the community led him to erect a school house at that point entirely at his own expense, and that was only one of many public spirited acts of his from time to time. Mr. LIGHT laid out the town of Lightsville and the same was named after him. Mr. and Mrs. LIGHT were devoted members of the River Brethren Church and were active and most efficient in all church work. Except for the few years while he was merchandising at Lightsville, Mr. LIGHT devoted himself exclusively to farming. In this connection some mention of the seven children of John and Catherine (SCHUCKER) LIGHT will be of more than passing interest. TENA is the wife of Henry SCHRADER, of Leaf River Township; MARTIN is the immediate subject of this sketch; JOHN died in Stephenson County; CATHERINE is the
wife of J.C. PANNENBORG, of Hammond, Ind.; HENRY lives at Rockford, Ill.; MARY married Riley MOTTER and lives in Stephenson County, Ill.; JOSEPH, the youngest died in Stephenson County about 1899; Martin the eldest son, was reared and educated in Leaf River Township, and has lived there all his life except during two years when his family had its home in Stephenson County. He was brought up to farming and stock-raising--knows his business thoroughly and conducts it on a liberal scale and quite profitably. He is the owner of 200 acres of land, most of which is well improved and on which he has a good residence and ample outbuildings and accessories. December 24, 1867, Mr. LIGHT married Miss Harriet J. SCHRADER, a native of Leaf River Township, born September 20, 1846. They had three children: JOHN H.; JOSEPH FRANK; and CORA A. The latter is the wife of Fred ALDEN of Winnebago County, Ill. Mrs. LIGHT died on June 20, 1887. Mr. LIGHT was married October 22, 1890, to Miss Lizzie HILLER as his second wife, born in Leaf River Township, January 15, 1864, a daughter of the late Edward And Mary A. (SCHREIBER) HILLER. An article giving in considerable detail the life of Mr. HILLER, has a place in this volume. By his second marriage, Mr.
LIGHT has six children named, respectively: WILBUR F.; EDITH; LYMAN M; MARION; MILDRED; and SHELBY J., all at home. Mr. LIGHT adheres to the principles of the Republican Party. He is devoted to the township and county affairs and is deeply interested in local schools. He held the office of Supervisor of Leaf River Township nine years and was a School Director five years. Mr. and Mrs. LIGHT are members of the United Brethren Church, to the various interests of which they are helpfully devoted.

"Encyclopedia of Illinois & Ogle Co., Vol. II" Published in 1909 by Munsell Bros., Chicago, IL

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