Photo taken ca. 1911 - Grandpa looks to be about five

Photo taken on the porch of the North Farm, Mount Morris Township. Great Grandpa Zellers farmed the North and South farms in Sections 2 and 11 of that township, the South farm later became my Grandfather's farm who was five in the photo, youngest member of the family..

Martin Henry Zellers 1863-1936 Middle
Next to him: Anna Mary (Keedy) Zellers 1864-1930
Seated next to MHZ left: Edward Daniel Zellers 1886-1963 holding Carl Eugene "Speedy" Zellers 1906-1994
Behind EDZ: Floyd Henry Zellers 1891-1955
Next to FHZ behind Anna: Wilbur Lee Zellers 1888-1968
Seated next to Anna: Ernest Clifford Zellers 1900-1977

Submitted by David Zellers

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