The Rochelle Register

Friday, January 26, 1916 - Page 1, Column 5

Mrs. Andrew Binz

This estimable lady passed away Tuesday January 25, following an operation at the Lincoln Hospital for the removal of a tumor. Her health has not been the best but she was not considered to be in serious condition. The operation was pronounced successful but death occurred before coming out from the influence of the anesthetic.

May Bsufka was born in Germany May 25, 1854 and died at Rochelle January 25, 1916 at the age of sixty three years and eight months. The surviving children are on son Nicholas, two daughters, Mrs. Olga Davis and Miss Anna all of Rochelle with the husband who mourns the loss of the departed. Two children, Frederick aged 13 and Clarence aged 8 preceded the mother.

Mrs. Binz came to America at the age of 15 and married in Chicago February 28, 1881, moving to Rochelle soon afterward where the family has always resided.

The funeral will be held from St. Patrick’s Church at 9:30 AM Friday, conducted by Father Bunke (Burke?) and Father Smith of Aurora and interment will be made in the South Side Cemetery.

Contributed by Laurie Hendrickson

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